Dear you who ended up here, a warm welcome!

Maybe you have been through my Instagram, and that might even be the reason you ended up here? Well.. On Instagram, you probably saw some pretty pictures of nice places and some fine handbags. I really hope with this blog, that I can show you a lot of fun, fancy places and a lot of beautiful accessories. But I also hope to show you, a more serious side of my life which doesn’t only contains Chanel or Ibiza trips, but actually, show you that I am a very dedicated and hardworking woman who comes from a humble place with big dreams.
Make you realize my most important values in life such as my family. I want to hard work and to dream big. Never to settle for a no, but always find new opportunities even though it’s not always easy to achieve your goals in life while living abroad and to be in business as a young woman.

So I hope you will get to meet me, Theresa, and not just the Instagram girl. Even though I also do love nice bags 😉

My wish is to inspire you with my very best knowledge and experiences, with the hope that I will add something to you through these different categories:

Happy wife – happy life

The first category is about life and my lifestyle. Life in its weird shapes, thoughts and other perspectives I find relevant to share. I live a different life from a lot of the people I know, meaning we never know where the next place we are going to live is and we never know when. It is for sure not an easy life, especially when your plan is not to just sit back and enjoy. But in so many ways, it is also a privileged life because we get to live others places we probably wouldn’t have seen if it wasn’t for the football. And we get to meet people, cultures, and places we never would if we only had a life in Denmark. That part is the part I love the most about my husband’s job! So the third category will be anything from how you build the best IKEA walk-in-closet (I build 4 in a year, so I kind of know the tricks) till how life as an expat is and which ups and downs it comes with. And finally, how life as a married woman is because I married the love of my life this summer!

Around the world

The second category is my big passion for places. Beautiful destinations, amazing restaurants, cool cocktail bars, cozy cafés, vibrating beach clubs, best places to shop, best spa’s and so on. I love to travel, but I also love to experience the places around me. I always want to try everything when I go somewhere new, so that next time I visit, I know the coolest places to go! The journey to find my best recommendations around the places I live and travel I will share with you. I’m going to share with you both my best and worst tips so that you can gain knowledge when or if you visit.

Train like the devil

The next category is my training and how I work out. I am a sports fanatic, and I love sports! I don’t really love training, but I love how it makes me look and feel. Trying different kinds of training methods and living together with a professional sports athlete who has the best nutrition’s and physical trainers around him, I gained a lot of knowledge. Knowledge about how to reach your goals quicker and a few small tips and tricks that can make you get a lot more out of your training! I will show you exactly how I train and how I balance it with my big heart for good food.

Look like a babe

I love to really dress up. I love to find a nice outfit, make my hair and do a pretty makeup. Throughout my life, I have been testing different skin routines, make-up, hair extensions, self-tanners and so on. This might be a smaller category, but I would still like to share my best beauty tips with you and to discover and test more.


The last category is where you will get to meet some of the people I meet in my life. People that I find inspiring or fun to share with you, maybe because they have a cool niche or just live another life than the one I do. It can be anything! Stay tuned for this one..

So here you have what this blog primarily will be about. Thank you for already reading this, I hope you will keep following me on my journey and that some of my categories maybe can inspire or be helpful for you in some kind of way!

With kindness and love

Theresa ♥

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