4 years

FIRST OF ALL; I am NOT pregnant.
And I didn’t know at all, about the tradition of eating the cake when you become pregnant after your wedding! I was referring to the tradition of eating the top of the cake on your first wedding day! I was so confused when I received a bunch of congratulations with baby smileys!!
As far as I know now after having researched, you have to eat the top of the wedding cake; On your first’s child’s birth, but only if it’s before your first wedding day a year after. Therefore not when you are pregnant… But I do get the confusions, I’m a little bit confused myself now 😉

But back to the actual reason! On our first wedding day (17.06.18) Nico will be in Rusia to play in the World Cup and I will be there too during that time. Bringing the cake to Russia isn’t really an option and we don’t even know if we are allowed to be together on that day anyway.

We’ve been thinking about what another special occasion, where we could eat the top of our wedding cake and it ended up pretty spontaneously to be last week!

Nico was done with the national team and had two days off, but it ended up with a delayed flight because of the snow and the club wanted him back one day earlier. So we ended up having only a half day together in Copenhagen!
The week before while I was in Copenhagen, I got so far with decorating the apartment and it’s more than halfway furnished already (pro mover – check). So this was the first time Nico had to see all this and the first night to sleep there together.
During this time, it’s now 4 years we’ve been together!

We decided, that because of the 4 years and the first night together in our new home, this would be the perfect night to enjoy this tradition. So we stayed in with good wine, our delicious wedding cake top and just laid on the couch talking about all these memories we created during the past 4 years together. To be honest it feels like 10 haha! So much have happened…

In these 4 years, we have lived in 5 different houses, traveled 25 places around the world and build a life together in another country.
Needless to say how much time we spend together. I enjoy every single bit and can’t wait for many more years together… ♥

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