New blog and TV programme coming up

Lately, I’ve been very busy with especially one project that I can FINALLY reveal to you guys!! I’m soooo excited about what you will think of it 😉

Besides that, I had some difficulties with my blog and the site, so I moved everything to a new site – thanks a lot to the guys at Ruby Studio who helped me with this!!
The design is almost the same and you probably wouldn’t have seen it if I didn’t tell.
But this will now make it so much easier to post more!

But back to the more exciting part… I’m going to be on a TV programme!

theresa kofoed jørgensen hund

Maybe if you live in Denmark, you’ve already seen the commercials for it?
The programme is basically about my life. How it is to live in another country, because of my husband. How I make my own life work out in this quite different life we live, due to Nico’s job. I think it will be fun to get a deeper impact on our lives. Because in some ways it’s the most normal life and some fractures just make it so different.

I believe that in everything there are ups and downs, and that’s of course also the case here. We get some insane experience together and apart, we meet new places and cultures, we create new friends and we see some places that I’m sure we wouldn’t have seen if it wasn’t for the football. It’s a journey and a fairytale, that I most of the time REALLY love to be a part of!

Then comes the more tough part. Missing family, being away from your friends, missing out on big events, never being off on the weekends together and always never being able to plan ahead. As for a project planner, the last part was quite difficult for me!

I can’t count how many times I’ve been to a family or friends event by myself without Nico. He also wasn’t there when I graduated my bachelor and celebrated. It’s something I learned, but I do miss Nico when he is also supposed to be there. And for him, it’s even worse sometimes. Let me give you quite an example:
He is not able to attend his sister’s wedding this summer, because he is in Russia playing for Denmark.

Even on Christmas Eve (which is a big thing in Denmark!!), he had a game and of course, I was there. Because I love him. Because I’m his wifey now (still feels so crazy saying it haha) and because I choose to!
It’s crazy how home no longer is a place for me, but a person.

BUT; even though I’ve decided to live with him for the rest of my life, doesn’t mean I just gave up on my own dreams and goals in life! It’s important for both Nico and me, that I still chase them and that I’m not only someone’s wife.

… And that last part, is basically what you will see on the show! I’ll take you along with me for a month in my life. At my local deli, seeing both my dutch and Danish friends, training with my trainer, going to Nico’s final and how that affects us, working back and forth from Denmark with my blog, making food at home and massively fucking it up haha, visiting my beloved family and showing you where I grew up and what my values are in life.

It will be fun, serious, difficult, easy and full of what it is all about – LOVE.

Besides following my life, you will also follow two other super cool girls’ life. One of them is living in Leipzig and the other one in Sevilla. We all live totally different lives, but have the same thing in common, that we live there because of love.
I hope you will enjoy watching this, get some good laughs and maybe get a more wide perspective of the life living abroad!

The program is called “KÆRESTER – med landsholdet” and will be sent on TV2 Zulu and  TV2 Play right after the three Danish World Cup matches.

Here you can see the trailer:

nicolai jørgesen theresa kys

xx Theresa


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