Summer plans


Summer is almost here and I cannot WAIT!!! There’s really nothing better than summertime if you ask me.
This summer will be special because we finally have a home in Copenhagen, which will be our base to travel out from. I already really love our home there and I’m excited to get everything done with the apartment, so we can have friends staying and throw barbecues. When it’s sunny in Copenhagen, ist definitely not a bad place to be 😉

But well… My plans for this summer are the following;

Next week I go somewhere yet unknown with Nico. We want to go somewhere sunny and in Europe. First, we were going to Mykonos, but since the weather changed, we decided to change as well. By that time (two days ago) Spain was almost the only place in Europe with good weather – so we decided to visit Port D’Andratx in Mallorca. THEN today the weather changed again lol… So now we are looking at south of France, but who knows what the weather will be tomorrow 😉

Afterward, we go to Copenhagen and will enjoy some time off with friends and family for a while before Nico goes with the national team.

In start June, I go to Stockholm with my close girlfriend. I have never been to Stockholm, so if you guys have good recommendations – Hook a girl up! I’m excited to see what kind of city Stockholm is.

In middle of June, I will be back and forth from Denmark and Russia. I’m going to Russia to of course watch Nico in the World Cup, but also to experience Saransk, Samara, Skt. Petersburg and Moscow. I have absolutely no idea what Russia will be like, but I’m so curious and excited to go!

End of June, I will go to Mykonos!! I really cannot waaaaait. I was there last year and fell in love with the beautiful city. This time I will also explore the Greek island Santorini, which should be so beautiful and romantic.

Start of July, I will go to Los Angeles! The city of angels. As you might read, L.A. is really special to me and I’ve been there many times with my family. This time I will show Nico, because he had only been there for one day! We are going to do a road trip and chill out in real Cali style 😉

Finally, I have a girl trip to Ibizaaaa! My favorite Island. I guess there’s no need to say any more about that hehe…  😉

So this is pretty much my summer plans right now – I’m so ready to get out in the world and explore! What’s your summer plans this summer?!
Let me know in the comments! 

Sunny vibes xx

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