In August I’ve been very busy with a lot of things. I’ve been back and forth from Copenhagen, sometimes even two times in a week. I get asked so many times “Don’t you get tired of going back and forth?” – and yes of course, sometimes I do. I actually enjoy very much most of the time though. It’s only a one-hour flight but going to the airport etc still takes time and energy. And planning. Good planning is really the key and luckily that’s one of my better qualities in life!

Besides the travel back and forth from Copenhagen, I’m also organizing my coming trip this fall/winter. Soon I can tell you more about this and I’m sooo excited!!! Stay tuned a little more..

Also, we are moving house this weekend! The moving guys I trust and like to use only had a little time, so I decided to pack and unpack everything myself. Myself because Nico is training very hard at the moment and needs a lot of rest when he is home. He, of course, thought it was a stupid idea and said we had to wait – but I’m very impatient and when I decide something, I take action! Right now I packed 20 boxes and I’m not even halfway… But I feel like an independent woman 😉

So that’s why I’m a little quiet at the moment. I’m working on one of my dreams to come true this fall/winter, another project which involves more TV and my house moving which has to be done by this week!
Oh… And this weekend I’m going to Barcelona with a dear friend in collaboration with the coolest company! So keep an eye out on my Instagram…


Surprise surprise

Last week I had to go to Copenhagen for two days of work, but I made back just in time for the weekend because I had planned something special for Nico. Saturday night we just stayed in and I asked Nico if we should go and have a look at the view of our new apartment in the night (which is so insane btw!!). First, he was too lazy to leave the couch, but I convinced him and in the end, he agreed so we went to our new place. When we arrived and he went out on the balcony, all his friends stood there and yelled surprise!!! They flew in for the weekend and stayed until Monday evening. Well, actually Tuesday because they didn’t make their flight haha… Why is this so typical for a guy trip??? 😉

Anyway, when I invited his friends, I accidentally looked up the wrong dates. I thought, that I planned it so well that they could come and the same weekend I could leave for my Barcelona trip, but I mixed up the dates! So this weekend, where Nico will be off, I will not be there but in Barcelona. Bad planning, guess I wasn’t that good after all haha. Anyway, I think Nico really enjoyed our little surprise and some boys time. He will have plenty more time for that this weekend, while I will be in Barcelona!

Wishing you all a lovely week!

xx Theresa

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