Q&A part 1

What’s the thing you like most about Rotterdam and The Netherlands in general?
Hmm… I would say the fact that you have all this water around you all the time and the view from my apartment.

What’s your favorite dutch food or snack?
The pancakes. Definitely! And bitterballen 😉

What do you think of Rotterdam?
I think Rotterdam is such a nice city!  People not from he Netherlands always tend to forget a little about Rotterdam, because they always think about Amsterdam when The Netherlands are mentioned. But Rotterdam is really something else, and I love the architecture and the buildings here so much.

What’s the biggest difference between Copenhagen and Rotterdam?
The canals. And people here in Rotterdam are much nicer in traffic – believe it or not.

How much of a say do you have on Nico’s transfer?
A transfer works like this: First, another club contacts Nico’s club and they have to come to an agreement. Then IF they do, Nico has to decide whether he wants to agree and if they can agree on terms. Of course, I’m a part of that last discussion with him, but also I will support him in any of his decisions. 

Will it be hard for you to leave Rotterdam?
It will be SO hard! I got so used to life here, and it’s so weird to imagine life another place. And the worst part will be to say goodbye to my friends here! But also, knowing this experience went this well, I have much more courage and calmness about going somewhere new again. 

What’s your biggest dream together with Nico?
To create a beautiful family. We don’t really agree on how many kids though – he wants 6, I want 3 haha. But I guess I have a little saying in this since I’m the one giving birth 😉 Also we talked about maybe adopting a child from another country. But for sure, KIDS!
Oh, and we have this other dream about traveling around the world for one year with the kids when Nico finished his career. 

How did you meet Nico?
I told about it in the meet post I did about Nico, read it here.

Do you want kids in the future?
As said above, YES. 

Would you be able to hold a small talk in dutch?
Not really, I almost understand the subject of every conversation but not the whole meaning. Everyone here is so good at English, that I never really try to talk in dutch (bad excuse, check).

How did you become friends with Nadine & Rebecca?
Nadine I met already when we moved here because Steven already played here. She and another girl asked me if I wanted to go together with them to this Feyenoord event, actually because we lived next to each other. We clicked right away – she is as crazy and sarcastic as me 😉
Rebecca, I met when Nico told me that a Swedish couple was coming. I asked Nico to give her my number in case I could be helpful in any way (by then she was also pregnant and knew nobody) then we met up and ever since we were hanging out almost every other day! It’s so nice to have another Scandinavian here, AND she just gave birth to the most beautiful baby girl – Blanca!

What makes you unique?
I think my always very positive mind and search for opportunities instead of limitations.  

Who was your big idol when you grew up?
I had a lot of different, but I was pretty obsessed with Spice Girls! I didn’t really put much effort into it though.

Is it hard to live the football life, with a footballer who often has to leave the country for games and training camps?
The most difficult part is to organize it together with my own agenda and Alfred. He sometimes makes it a little difficult, when we both have to be in different countries, but we always make it work.

Would you follow Nico if he had to go somewhere crazy like China? Or would you protest?
Of course. He is my husband and my family, and besides that, I wouldn’t be this happy without him. Long distance relationships don’t work for me.

Thank you for all your questions!
I tried to put all the questions about The Netherlands and Rotterdam together in this part 1. I will do a part 2 where I answer some of the more personal questions I got from you! Enjoy your weekend!!!!! 🙂

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