My workout tips: boring cardio

I workout to feel good and to LOOK good. Let’s be honest – or at least for me – it’s not because I just can’t wait to go to the gym, but through the years I found my ways to make it easier to go there and found the right techniques to reach my goals.

I have a personal trainer; his name is Varujean Petrosjan. I work out with him 3 times a week – Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Monday and Wednesday training variety but Friday is always boxing.  I try to do at least 2 cardio training without him for 30-60 minutes.

Sometimes for me the hardest thing is actually to get there, do you maybe feel me?
When you are there, it is actually not that bad! That’s why I try to do my own workouts after I trained with him because otherwise I just know it won’t happen.
I always ask him after our workout, what kind of cardio would be the best for me to do. He knows I like variety, so a lot of the times he combines ex.:

3 minutes of running
1,5 minutes of rowing
30 seconds of hardcore rowing
And then he tells me to do it 6 times.

This feels easy to overcome and different than during 30 minutes running only. The feeling of only running for 3 minutes and only rowing for 2, makes you go way harder. And in the end, you have burned much more calories than if just been running semi-fast boringly for 30 minutes.
And also, time goes way faster 😉

Stay tuned for more advice and tips on my workouts…

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