My travel bucket list

1. Bora Bora
See picture above. Do I need to say more? Take me please!

I wanna go to Fiji one day and see the colorful history and trek in the jungle. Trek – not sleep 😉

3. Milan
For some unknown reasons, I have never been to Milan. I been so many places in Italy, but never Milan. I really really wanna go and experience! Maybe just for a weekend…

4. Tokyo
I was supposed to go to Tokyo two years ago because Nico had a game with the national team. But then he got a small injury which meant he didn’t go and we actually ended up going to Ibiza together with friends instead!
But Tokyo is definitely one of my bucket list tops to visit.


5. Korsika
I want to experience Korsika. I heard so much about this place now and I wanna explore for myself soon!


6. Tulum
I’ve never been in Mexico and my dream is to visit someday. From talking to friends who were there and reading about it, I think Tulum is the place for me to visit first!


7. Santorini
Last year I went to Mykonos with a girlfriend of mine for the first time and I absolutely loved it! Also the first time for me in Greece. I want to experience Santorini together with Nico, because it looks like the most beautiful place!

8. Turks & Caicos
I’ve only visited the Bahamas in the Carribean and I really wanna explore more of the beautiful Islands! Turks & Caicos is definitely one of them.


9. Singapore
Singapore has always been a wish of mine to visit. When I will go I want to stay at the hotel above: The Marina Bay Sands and spend all day in this infinity pool!


10. New Zealand
New Zealand is a great destination a lot of things, but especially for the marine life. There are opportunities to see whales, seals, penguins, and dolphins in their natural habitat. Who wouldn’t love that!?

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