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I love make-up. I used to watch videos on youtube when I was younger and practice for hours. I love how a few things can make such a big difference and really bring out the best parts of you!

But somehow my make-up game is changing like the wind. I think I get inspired by whats around me. Sometimes I can go on a vacation with my friend who doesn’t wear makeup and hardly wear any. Otherwise, I can see tree episodes of Wags LA and afterward do the most extra look because I get so motived by watching them with all their makeup! Am I the only one being this weird and changing with makeup? Haha 😉

I get a lot of make-up questions on my IG, so I decided to let you know my best tricks! Here are some of my favorite products:


Primer: Smashbox photo finish This product is amazing! When you first tried it, you don’t ever wanna put on make-up without it. I always clean my face and use my day cream together with an SPF50 BEFORE putting on makeup!  

Foundation: Armani luminous silk for mym daily wear and Armani designer lift for more evening makeup. – I tried so many different foundations, but I like how Armani’s feels so light on the skin but still covers perfectly. 

Brows: Anastasia Beverly Hills – All her products are the best in the brow game if you ask me. I switch from using her powder brows to the dip brows.

Bronzer: “Hoola” from Benefit and “Baked mineral” in golden from Tromborg. – The one from Hoola is matte and I always use this one in the winter. The one from Tromborg is with shine in and I use it all summer! For a more dramatic look, I combine them, starting with the Hoola to sculpt and then the baked mineral to add some shine!

Blush: I only wear blush sometimes, it depends on my mood. Mostly I just use bronzer, but when I use blush, I use “Windflush” by Laura Mercier. I love the burnt orange color and it works well with my bronzer. 

Highlighter: “Sundipped” from Anastasia Beverly Hills and “Soft & gentle” from Mac. – I use “Soft & gentle” for daily wear and Sundipped when I go out. Sundipped is so gorgeous!! But can look a little too heavy in the daylight I think. 

Eyeshadow: I normally don’t use eyeshadow during the day and if I do it’s just a little dash of the “Baked mineral” bronzer from Tromborg. But when I wanna dress up or be a little extra – I almost always use “Mulch velvet” from Mac. If not this one, I have different palettes in earth colors from Morphe, that I can really recommend. 

Mascara: “Better than sex” from Too Faced or “Miss Manga” from L’oreal.

Lips: I use the lipgloss “Rebel” from Bare Minerals almost EVERY day. –  I never got the matte lips trend. I honestly think it suits very few persons, and I’m not one of them 😉 I like a good lipgloss and I think the key is SHINE – not glitter 😉
When I dress up, I love wearing red lipstick. Well, some would say it’s more orange-red than red-red, but I love this tone to my tanned skin and I think it looks so fresh. I always use “Cristiano” by Tom Ford. – I can in general really recommend Tom Fords lipsticks, they are so pigmented and smooth on the lips! I only have to apply one layer and it will last for hours and hours!

False lashes: I like having eyelash extensions on, it looks beautiful and is so easy in the morning. But I also think, that if you are during it, you have to do it regularly and keep them nice. There is nothing worse than having a half set of lashes on one eye and only three left on the other eye! It looks so bad and sloppy if you ask me – then it’s better to just have your own lashes. That’s what happened for me, I have a quite last minute changing schedule, so I often had to cancel the appointments and then I ended up looking like I just described 😉 And that’s not pretty! Especially if they are longer and thicker than your own, it just doesn’t look nice at all after a week or two. So I don’t have permanent lashes on anymore, I have my own and if I want more volume and length – I use strip lashes! Then they always look perfect, but only for the day/night 😉
I like to use the strip lashes from either Depend, Eldora or Duff Lashes. 

I hope I answered all your questions and that my recommendations were useful to you! Make-up is fun and very individual, so make sure to use it just how you like it to be 🙂

Enjoy your Saturday night! Cheers!


xx Theresa


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