The struggle for me always when I try to be healthy is the snacking. I love to snack. Especially in the evening! And sometimes you should just snack that unhealthy stuff you feel like because otherwise, it just becomes too boring to be alive 😉

But I found some snacks that are so tasty, but actually really healthy! My favorite snack is popcorn, I looove to eat popcorn when I watch series or a movie.

But the popcorn you make in the microwave is nothing close to healthy. Actually really bad in both calories and even poison in the packing.

So the way I make popcorn is this simple and easy way:

I take a spoon of coconut oil into a pot and let it heat a little and melt, so it covers the whole bottom. Then I pour in some organic corn and put on a lid. Now you have to shake it around every 30 seconds and soon you will start to hear the nice sound of your popcorn popping!

When they are done, you can salt them as you want, and here you have a super tasty healthy snack to enjoy! I eat this especially during the night and to be honest I think I eat it 3-4 times a week 😉 Let me know if you liked it!

healthy snack popcorn

If you keep snacking too much unhealthy stuff (I do that in periods a lot), just make sure you get your workout and some cardio done!  Then your guilty pleasures will feel less guilty 😉
Check out my post about how I get my cardio done here!

Enjoy your popcorns and remember it’s all about the balance 😉

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