Meet me on Ærø

A typical family day on the beach

Ærø is a small island in the southern sea part of Denmark. Around 6000 live on the island, but in the summertime, a lot of people from both Denmark and other countries come to visit this hidden little treasure. For me, Ærø has always been a part of my life. My moms family comes from Ærø and my grandfather grew up on the island and some of my mom’s cousins still lives here.

My family has summerhouses here and every summer they meet on this island to spend time together! They also have a tiny summerhouse on the beach where they spend almost the whole day paddle boarding, surfing, chilling and make a big barbecue ON the beach for dinner. Quite magical!
Alfred is spending almost all summer here with my parents and he looooves it. It’s a perfect arrangement because then we can travel around me and Nico. This summer was the first time I brought Nico when we had to pick up Alfred before going home and to see my family.
If you think about having a real “Danish summer” on one of the small islands, I can really recommend Ærø! I made a list of things you need to do when you visit:



The beach is really nice in Ærø and you have two seasides – one is the oceanside with waves and the other side is facing the harbor and is with no waves and actually really hot water – perfect for kids! You can also see all the cute beach houses, our house is in Marstal and is the light pink one. If you walk by and see my parents, you have to say hi from me 😉



The island has three “big” cities – Marstal, Ærøskøbing, and Søby. The city Ærøskøbing is maybe the cutest city ever! Every house looks like this and everything is kept since way back in the days. There’s even still a man walking around in the morning and afternoon telling the news as they did back then! 


Ærø “Æggekage”

Literally translated its egg cake 😉 It’s a known thing in Denmark, but they are especially famous for it on Ærø. My recommendation will be to go to Hotel Ærøskøbing, I looove their Æggekage and it’s a really cute and cozy place. 


Barbecue on the beach

Spending the day on the beach is always nice, but spending a summer night on the beach is really magical. You will have the sea on both sides and enjoy the nicest sundown (and in Denmark the sun goes down quite late, which means even more sunny hours). 


Going on the water

You need to rent a boat and explore the island from the sea. If you are committable with sailing, you HAVE to visit some of the smaller islands around Ærø – I recommend Langholmshoved and Storholm (especially the last one). You simply won’t believe your eyes. The water here is like being at Formentera on Ibiza – SO clean, crystal clear and only white sand. And there is no one else than you – max a boat or two 100 of meters away. This is one of my favorite places on the earth to go.

Look how clean the water is!
Two very cute sailors


Marstal Maritime Museum

Believe it or not – but I love museums. Especially if the theme is maritime or war – and if art – installs. This museum will guide you through the history of sailors from Ærø and all their stories which are so interesting. There are rooms with speakers, light effects and a real ship you can walk into, while they tell the interesting story of Bonavista. 

In one of the rooms, you will see a very emotional picture for me of my grand-grandfather. He was a sailor in the 2nd world war and when the Germans came to Denmark, he had to sail his ship to America to hide it. He said goodbye to my grandmother not knowing when they would be able to see each other again. Or if they ever did, unfortunately, a lot of sailors never returned from the war… 

This is the picture – the guy on the left is my grand-grandpa.
And this is the house they lived in – it’s called Mizpah

Shortly after he went away, my grand-grandma found out she was pregnant with my grandpa. With absolutely no communication at all, she gave birth and raised my grandpa by herself. The whole time my grandmother was waiting for him, without ever knowing if he would return or not, but she believed it so hard in her heart and didn’t listen to anyone else. 6 years later when my grandpa was just turned 6, he returned from the war and met his son for the first time. 

This story gets me so emotional and really fills my heart with warmth. I get goosebumps thinking of how much love, trust, and loyalty they had for each other. They have my deepest respect and I’m so proud of what an example they are.

I talk to my grandparents almost every other day. I learned them facetime now, but I can only call them haha 😉 They think it’s so fun and they love to see Alfred. Whenever I go back I always spend time with them, they tell the most amazing stories and there the whole perspective of life is so refreshing and inspires me a lot. 

My grandmother would be so shocked if she knew how easily we give up on love nowadays and just swipe on to the next in line. We keep looking for something better and new, instead of keep looking for the best in our partner and develop together. True love and loyalty, is the most precious and beautiful thing for me. 

Well….. This post ended a bit different and emotional, but I hope you liked it anyway and sharing my story gave you something to think about. And you know what the best part is?

Today my grandparents will come HERE TO ROTTERDAM TO VISIT ME!!!!

I cannot explain how overly happy, emotional and excited about I am about this! They really mean the world to me and I cannot wait to show them my life here and spoil them with love, good food, and good wine! I am even half crying writing this haha. I will take my grandpa to the marine museum and my grandma for a real Dutch high-tea. And spend hours and hours of talking and just listing to their stories and highly valuable wisdom from living an incredible life in another time. I learn so much from them and they always develop my perspective. So might be a bit more offline than usually, but know you know why 😉

May you have the best weekend!

Cheers, to love  <3  

Taking a nap while my bodyguard Alfred is fully on duty

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