Meet me in St Petersburg & Moscow

I promised you a guide to St Petersburg and Moscow, and since I didn’t spend as much time in Moscow, I decided to put them together!


St Petersburg

This city is beyond beautiful and full of cultural features. You find so many nice buildings and monuments, and the canals running around the city are amazing. (Yes, I have a thing for canals I found out haha)
In St Petersburg, almost no one speaks english. The level of service isn’t the best I’ve experienced, and since they don’t really make an effort to understand your homemade sign language – they seem even more careless of trying to provide you with what you try to order. Anyway, that’s a shame because the food is great!


Where to stay?

Four Season, W hotel or Astoria. This is the three hotels I visited, and they were all super cool in each way. Four Season and Astoria more classy, while W is more cool and young.


Where to go out for lunch, dinner, and drinks?

I would go to Blok for lunch, which is an Italian place in the middle of the city center. Buddha bar for dinner where the vibe is really good and building up a party. For drinks, I would either advise you to go for good cocktails at the rooftop bar at the W hotel or a more clubbing vibe at 


What to do in St Petersburg?

As said, there is a lot of things to see in St Petersburg! One of my favorite places we visited visit was the Eremitage (the winter palas). You also have to take one of the canal boats and see the city from the seaside! That was outstanding! And if you wanna do some shopping, you have so many options as well. If you are looking for high-end brands like Gucci, Balmain etc. you should visit the mall DLT department store.


I didn’t spend as much time in Moscow – and that for sure was a mistake! Moscow is so much more than my expectations and you really get the “big city” vibe here. It’s modern, cool and full of life. Here are my few tips:


Where to stay?

We stayed at the Metropol hotel and the hotel itself is beautiful, but the rooms were really old and not as nice as the rest. I heard from others, that the Ritz Carlton should be great, but I didn’t had the time to visit it.

Where to go out for lunch, dinner, and drinks?

For lunch, I suggest you go to Bosco! It’s right next to the Red Square and a very cozy place. For dinner, I would definitely advise you to go to White Rabbit! You also have a Nobu there, which is my favorite Asian restaurant. 


What to do in Moscow?

Since I only had two days, I didn’t have the time to explore so much as I wished to. Also in Moscow was the only time in Russia where we got a chance to visit the boys – so instead of spending my afternoon with exploring The Red Square, Kremlin, and the Vasilii Cathedral – I had a coffee in the lobby with my husband I hadn’t used time with in a long time.
BUT, Moscow I will for sure return to someday to explore more about because it’s really an interesting city!

Overall my impression of Russia is really mixed because the cities are so different. I also shortly visited both Saransk and Samara, which are much smaller cities. I definitely think Russia is worth a visit – especially St Petersburg and Moscow!
I will be back for you one day, Moscow 😉


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