Meet me in Rotterdam – Dinner

I love to go out for dinner. There is just something about getting ready, put on nice clothes and enjoy some good food with the right company.
As you may found out by now, I love to experience new things and new places. That’s why I believe I’ve visited almost every restaurant in Rotterdam and therefore I would like to share some of my best recommendations for you 😉

Las Palmas
This place was the first place I ever had dinner in Rotterdam, and it was certainly not the last. I love everything about this place – the vibe, the people working there and the food. The mix of seafood and meat is beyond amazing, and the quality is always very high.
This is definitely worth a visit, and you most likely will find me sitting there with a big plate of mussels!

Gym & Gin
This place I also absolutely love. They have the best cocktails and the food is amazing! I always order a lot of snacks to start with, and then I take the sushi bowl with fresh salmon. Beside the good vibe, this restaurants interior is really cool and very Instagram friendly 😉
Oh! And they’re sweet potato fries are from heaven!!

If you are in the mood for a proper steak – C.E.O. is where you want to go! They only serve steaks and sides – so if you don’t eat meat, you shouldn’t go here. BUT if you like meat, you have to go! I tried different meat restaurants in Rotterdam now, and this is my favorite. I always take the Ossenhaas (tenderloin 😉 ) and a lot of sides!


If you are up for having Michelin food or maybe have a special occasion to celebrate, you can go to Joelia by Mario at Coolsingel and have a very special evening.
I’ve been eating there a few times now, and I’m never disappointed. The food is a true Michelin experience, and the place is beautiful but with a more relaxed vibe compared to other Michelin restaurants. The staff is dressed less formal, there is no white tablecloth on the tables, and they play cool funky music you know from the radio!

TIP: If you order coffee or tea you will get SO many delicious small cakes, chocolates and a mini waffle with homemade ice cream! So skip the dessert but make sure to order tea or coffee instead 😉

La Pizza
This Italian restaurant serves the best starters and the pizzas are so good! On the menu you find two of my favorites – Melanzane Alla Parmigiana and a classic bruschetta! The place itself isn’t so special, but the people working there are really nice, and it’s quite lowkey but cozy.

This restaurant is also one of my hotspots. The size of each dish is small to medium, so you can try out several things without getting too full. I always go for the peking duck spring rolls, the beef tataki and one or two main dishes which always varies. Last time I had the scallops and they where yummy!

I hope you can find this useful and if I missed a place, please let me know! I’m always up for trying new places and to discover new restaurants. Later on, I will do a guide to my favorite takeaway places here in Rotterdam as well…

Enjoy your weekend and may your dinner to be tasteful and delicious! 😉


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