Meet me in Macau

Macau was the 3rd stop on my Asia trip last year in November. I was beyond excited about this destination. The Las Vegas of Asia – I mean, could it sound any more fun or crazy?!
We took off from Shanghai and it was such a terrible morning (long story – but let’s just say – I’m not a fan of Shanghai airport).

We made it to Macau about 12 am and got into a cab. I’ve been in Las Vegas two times before and this looked exactly like it! Huge buildings, lights everywhere and in everything. Billboards and so on. It actually felt like you stepped into Las Vegas in the USA.

We got to our hotel, we stayed at the Grand Hyatt which was in the middle of everything. The hotel was very beautiful and had a mall inside the hotel with E-V-E-R-Y expensive shop you could possibly think of! Little did I know by then, that this was normality…

Our hotel in Macau

We quickly dropped off our stuff at the most insane hotel room. So Las Vegas and huuuge. We wanted to see all the other hotels with different themes each – Little Venetian, Little Paris etc. We first went to Little Venetian, and we were so astonished by how cool it was! You really get the feeling of being in Venice and the theme is done to the fullest. Different from Las Vegas was, that there was maybe 10% of the people there (it is always very crowded in Las Vegas), so I found it quite relaxing and nice.

Venetian Macau

Little did we know, that this “very few people” thing was an ongoing thing wherever we went! Actually, it seemed like we got there at the very off-season, but we asked the hotel and people we knew, they said that this was very normal.
I kept saying to Lee; “Wait till the night!! It will be so crazy! People are probably just sleeping in because they are alive at night” 😉  Well… This turned out completely different.

I booked a table many weeks in advance at the MIZUMI at the Wynn Hotel, since I’ve heard so good about this place and I love Japanese cuisine. Well, the reservation wasn’t so necessary, as there were two other tables than ours during the whole night haha 😉 The food was outstanding though!! But it seems wrong to go out for a dinner like this and feeling all lonely.


After our dinner, we decided to go to a rooftop bar overlooking Macau. There is really nothing like being on a rooftop bar when the weather is great and the view is good! We went to SKY 21 and I can really recommend this place. Music was good, drinks were good and the view is breathtaking. If youve been following me for a while, you know I have a big thing for night views.

SKY 21

After some drinks at SKY 21, we went to Pacha as we were told this would be the best club. Our taxi driver gently drove us all the way and stopped the car in the middle of nowhere. I got a little scared and thought we were gonna get robbed now or something – but the Pacha was closed down for good and there was really nothing there haha! I asked him “Did you know this?” and he answered with the driest voice “Yes Mam“. I asked again “Then why didn’t you tell us?” and he replied, “You wanted to go????” so confused about my question, as if I was the crazy one haha 😉 This is so typical Chinese and it makes no sense. ANYWAY, we still wanted to find THE party! Some other tips we got, made us go to Club Cubic. This club was the busiest one in Macau and where the party was happening – we heard from several people. And to be honest, I was really disappointed. The vibe was so weird in a bad way, people were all sitting on their phones and NO one was dancing. Also, there weren’t too many people as well and it just seemed wrong. We were so confused, where was all this craziness we were seeking???

As we gave up and was on the way to another place, we went through the casino. I’ve never seen so many people and the casino was so so so HUGE. I wanted to capture how crazy this was, but the second I found my phone there were 4 guards on me – phones are illegal in the casinos and I forgot that..

We decided to end the night at a more relaxed cocktail bar I’ve written about. At this hotel, there was also a HUUUUUGE casino FULL of people. Then we finally understood, all the people where at the casino! And this may sound obvious, but if you’ve been to Las Vegas, you know that half of the crowd is also there to party. This was really something different.

The last bar we went to, was called Wing Lei. This place was incredible though! So beautiful and I got the best cocktail here I’ve ever had. It’s not a club, but a really cool cocktail bar. Still, there were no people haha, but we had a great time and laughed about how wrong we were about Macau!

Wing Lei

We woke up early the next morning and decided to go around and see all the hotels before leaving in the afternoon. One more extravagant than the others, wow! And to my big surprise, there huge shopping mall we had in our hotel, was located in every single hotel! Not kidding. There must be over 30 Gucci, Chanel, Dior etc stores and not a single soul was shopping. So many people at work, for so little to do.
As we walked by the casinos, they were almost still full. I mean, around 9-10 am in the morning…

So I guess my conclusion of Macau is – go there for the casino and playing, but if you except a big party in Las Vegas style, you will be disapointed. It is for sure worth to go there for a night if you are in Hong Kong (there is a boat taking you from Hong Kong to Macau in 1 hour) and that is very convenient and easy to do.

I am so happy I finally got to see this, but I have to say this was different than I expected. I’ve researched after I got home if we hit a bad timing, but there are no signs of that. The busiest time there is at the Chinese New Year in February, maybe I will come back for that one day!

Hope you found my thoughts and experience useful, and I would love to hear if you have been to Macau and discovered something different than I did!

xx Theresa

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