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Los Angeles is very special to me. It’s special because of two main reasons; first, I’m absolutely in love with the city and its vibe. There’s a special relaxed and positive vibe, that your mind adapts to as soon as you arrive. Your soul gets filled with calmness and you just feel good! There’s nothing like just cruising around without in a convertible or with your windows fully down. Just adapting the vibe, the people, the palms and the warm breeze. I love Los Angeles.

The second reason is that I combine L.A. with family time. I used to spend almost every summer in the orange country since I was 9 years old! My mom lived in L.A. before she met my dad and if it wasn’t for him, she would probably still be living there she says. And I truly get her! What is it with me and my mom, falling in love and having to move around for love haha 😉 Well, to compensate my dad made sure they would still spend a lot of time in L.A. and they sure did! He also took her for a road trip around in the USA as their honeymoon when they were very young!

Anyway, my brother lives in L.A. now for the 4th year which gives us all a good excuse to go more often 😉 As a matter of fact, they are all there at this very moment. I wish I was there with them!

This summer we finally had the time to go, Nico and I. Nico have been there only for two days before he went to another destination, so it doesn’t really count. I have been SOOOO excited to show him “my” L.A. and my favorite places. Luckily, he fell in love with this city just as much as I did! And we have a little dream about moving here one day. We had the best time and we even met some of our great friends there, they booked (without even knowing we were going to L.A.) the same hotel as us! So we enjoyed some good time with them, with my brother and of course on our own as well.

I would like to share some of my favorite dining places in the city of angels with you:



Next, to Cipriani, this is my favorite Italian restaurant for dinner. The pasta is so dreamy and the vibe is always great! We went here 2 times in one week haha. Make sure you book to sit outside!



This is such a typical L.A. hotspot, but no wonder it’s so hyped! It’s located on Melrose Avenue like Cecconi’s, but on a rooftop which means you get the most beautiful view! The restaurant itself though is really gorgeous and full of flowers. They serve seafood and al fresco dining. A must try!!


Nobu Malibu

This is probably the most beautiful Nobu in the world! It’s located right next to the water on Malibu beach and you can feel the ocean breeze (best breeze in the world) and enjoy delicious Asian fusion. I recommend to go for lunch rather than dinner, so you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings fully!


Mr. Chow

Chinese fusion dining located in the area of Rodeo Drive. I love to come here and the food is yummy! Especially the noodles and the red shrimps. I looove the red shrimps. Having a serious craving right now just writing about them haha..


Cabana Café at The Beverly Hills hotel

My favorite hotel and also the hotel we stayed in. This hotel is so iconic and I love love love the interior there and the location! They just renovated their restaurant and the Cabana Café next to the pool is so worth a visit. They serve delicious poke bowls,  salads, and cheesy quesadillas.


Il Pastaio

THE PLACE to lunch after a nice walk down Rodeo Drive. It’s located just two streets behind Rodeo Drive and it’s on a corner. It’s always busy there but you just check in and wait 20-30 minutes till they call you that your table is ready. There is plenty of shops around to discover while waiting. This Italian place serves some of the best pasta’s I’ve ever had and especially the truffle pasta there is HEAVEN ON EARTH!!



This was Nobu Matsuhisa himself very first restaurant. It’s not that fancy and looking from the outside, you would never guess how amazing this restaurant truly is. But the food is absolutely outstanding and they serve dishes you don’t have at Nobu!
Nobu’s wife, Yoko Matsuhisa, herself is still in charge and will walk around and if you are lucky, she will tell you stories about their really interesting life. She told me about her dining experiences in Copenhagen and how she embarrass everyone when she refused to eat bugs at NOMA (finest restaurant in Copenhagen and number one in the world at that time). This was so much more than what it looked like from the outside and what I expected. I truly recommend this hidden treasure.


Skybar at Mondrian

Going for pre-dinner drinks? Or post-dinner drinks? This is the place. You have the view over the whole city and it’s just something you have to experience for yourself.


Chateau Marmont

Hidden away from all the traffic, you find Chateau Marmont. Sitting on the terrace enjoying a nice lunch from their market-fresh California cuisine, is like being in an old movie. Make sure to book a reservation before going.


Urth Café

This place is iconic if you watched Entourage. And we did. Many times. Nico loves this series and I must say I agree! Besides this, I think it’s a little overrated. There is a big line always and the food is average. But Nico told me to put it in, so maybe there are other Entourage fans out there who also would like to go!



This is a must do! These burgers are soooo good and the fries are even better. Not more to say. Just go. And thank me later.


Alfreds Coffee

Where I prefer to get my coffee when in L.A.! My favorite Alfred Coffee is located on Melrose Place, where you also find nice shopping. Good to mix these two things, great coffee, and great shopping!


The butcher’s daughter

The butcher’s daughter is located on one in my favorite areas, on Abbot Kinney Blvd. They serve delicious vegan food and the best juices! Especially juice number 9, it’s my favorite juice in the world I think! Tastes so yummy and fresh! You need to try. This place is perfect to schedule as a healthy lunch after visiting Venice Beach because it’s really close by!

This was some of my favorite hot spots to dine in Los Angeles! I will do another post later, about my favorite things to do while visiting this incredible city and give you my very best tips and tricks!


I wish you the best time in the City of Angels <3




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