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Copenhagen will always be my favorite city to return to! There is nothing like spring/summer days in Copenhagen, but unfortunately, there is not many of them 😉
Besides that, Copenhagen offers many great spots for different occasions.
Here is some of my favorite places to hang out:

Is my favorite daytime café. This French bistro reminds of George in Amsterdam and the food is good quality. I always go for a Nicoise salad along with their amazing fries and bearnaise!

Rosso Pomodoro
My favorite spot to enjoy how I think a pizza should be! Bonus: It’s located on the top at Illum (shopping mall) and when It’s sunny you can sit outside and have a nice view!

Sticks & Sushi
They’ve located all around in Copenhagen and now also a few places in Europe. I love their menu card. They serve both amazing sushi rolls and delicious sticks with chicken, beef, greens and so on…

Sokkelund is a café located in the cozy area Frederiksberg where Nico and I used to live. This area is extremely cute and this café was Nico’s favorite place to eat! They serve the best salads and burgers. I recommend trying the tartare burger, mhmmm…

My favorite meat restaurant in the world. I looove their steaks, side dishes and they have an impressive wine card also. This is one of the places I miss the most, you can’t really find something exactly like this abroad – in my opinion 🙂

If you are up for fine Michelin dining or maybe have a special occasion, I would recommend Marchal. It’s located at the beautiful D’Angleterre hotel and visiting this place, is an experience itself. Their incredibly skilled head chef Andreas Bagh once invited Nico to help him in the kitchen for one night, he cooked for me and my friend and he actually did pretty well – he was so impressed of how tough work it is to be in a kitchen 😉
This hotel was also the location of our wedding.

Another semi-formal dining place, but the dishes are quite different and all shareable. Make sure to order coffee after your dinner, then you will receive pink cotton candy with 😉

This place is more casual and one of my favorite spots for a night out! They play the best music, the dishes are shareable, the cocktails are delicious and the atmosphere is always so good. I very often end up going there whenever I go out with my girlfriends!

This champagne bar is also a part of the D’Angleterre hotel. It’s a little bit upscale, the cocktails are a bit more expensive but they are worth every drop! They are made only with the best ingredients and the taste is unbelievably good.
They have the best Espresso Martini in town and their Downtown Abby with passion fruit and licorice is my FAVORITE! Reminds me that I really need one of those before I leave Copenhagen…

I never really go out-out that much anymore. It’s rare that I go to a club, but when I do, it’s something that happens randomly and not planned – I think these are the most fun nights. I love to go for late and long dinners and some good music with cocktails afterward.
If I wanna go out in Copenhagen, I go to Dandy’s. The music is good, the drinks/cocktails actually taste good (not always in nightclubs) and the interior is so pretty.

This list contains just some of the many cool places you can find in Copenhagen. Depending on your mood and the vibe you are searching, you are likely to find something that will match you and your company perfectly, because there are so many options!
The general level of quality in food is really high in Copenhagen.
I hope this can be a little help if you haven’t visited Copenhagen yet and plan on going!

Kisses from Copenhagen xx

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