Meet… Alfred

So this post must be one of the most asked posts of all time…

If you follow me on social media you know who I’m talking about, that fluffy always happy little creature who follows me around in airplanes and everywhere.

Since we got Alfred 3 years ago, he melted not only our hearts but everyone around him. I always dreamed about having a dog when I was a child and even though it’s sometimes really difficult to have a dog in the life we have – I never regretted it. 

I think it’s very important to be realistic about it when you choose to have a dog, meaning you have to find a dog whos needs will be matching your life. For us, it wouldn’t be fair having a dog who needs lots of outdoor activity and space, when we have a busy life and live in an apartment.
For me, it was also important that I easily could take him with me in the flight cabin when I travel. My heart couldn’t bare if I had to let him go in the cargo hold.

Here are some of the most frequent questions I got regarding the little cutie-pie:


What breed is Alfred?

Alfred is a Coton de Tulear, which means “cotton dog.” I can not recommend this race enough!! Their mindset and temper are so positive and friendly. They are easy to learn and adapts easily to the family’s daily life. Of course, this might not be the occasion always, and of course, the personalities differ, but all the dogs I know from this breed is very like Alfred.
His fluffy fur sure feels like cotton and is very soft. If we didn’t cut his hair, it would grow all long and some like this look. Personally, I like him with a fresh semi short haircut, and it’s also easier to keep.


Why did you choose this breed?

We choose this breed after we investigated all the different breeds and their needs compared to our life. I can not say enough how important it is, to know everything BEFORE you choose to get an animal. It’s a real-life creature, and it’s your responsibility to know everything in advance and to be realistic, there’s nothing more heartbreaking than seeing pets not having a good life. Well, a bit of a leap 😉
We choose a Coton de Tulear mainly because of the three following things:

They are non-allergic dogs which means he doesn’t loose hair. 
– None of us are allergic, but we just really like the fact that we don’t have dog hair everywhere.

They usually don’t get bigger than 8 kilos.
– Most airlines have a maximum weight for dogs in the cabin on about 8 kilos.

They don’t require a lot of physic exercise.
– Having a busy life and both training a lot, we don’t have the time and energy to take him for hours to the forest and run. Also, we live in the city center and we would have to get in the car every time. 


Where did you buy him? Which dog kennel?

Might be the MOST asked question! We didn’t buy Alfred at a kennel. We bought Alfred from a family who’s dog got four puppies with another dog in the family. And this was a one-time thing, only because they wanted another dog in the family. And of course, all the papers and pedigree was on both of the parents. They had one girl that they kept, and three boys, one of them was Alfred.
We actually exchanged email with his other siblings, to send each other pictures as they grew up, but we never heard back from them. Could have been fun to see if they looked like Alfred, as some say he looks different than other Coton de Tulears.


How do you travel with Alfred?

We bring Alfred with us everytime if we go back to Denmark. If we go somewhere else, he is always at either mine or Nico’s family in Denmark.
I bring Alfred with me on the airplane in a bag like this. I tried a lot of different ones, and I can really recommend the Sherpa bag.
There are a lot (!!!) of rules when you travel with a dog, and they differ regarding which airline company you use, so it requires a lot of planning. I prefer to fly with SAS when I travel with him and their rules you can read here.


Do you wash him?

When needed. I always clean his paws quickly with a dry towel after each walk, because he is in our home and I like to keep that very clean as well. If he is a little dirty or it just rained, I wash him in the bathing tub, so he is always nice and clean. He also sleeps in our bed sometimes, so then it’s very important to me that he is all clean. I did it from the very beginning, so he is used to it and actually loves to bath 😉


Does Alfred beg for food?

No, he never does. If you drop food on the floor, he won’t even react, because he has absolutely no idea what it is! He never tried it. I was really strict about no one could give him human food right from the beginning, because I hate it myself when dogs are begging at the table and since he doesn’t know what it is – he is not missing out on anything. He gets only the best of the best goodies, but no human food 😉



How do you keep his fur soft and nice?

This must be one of the most asked questions as well! To be fair – Alfred has a really good fur himself from birth. His father actually won the best fur in Denmark, that they told us when we came to pick him up! But something that I know have a big impact, is the food you serve for your dog. If it’s full of corn and poor quality, it will affect the fur. Alfred’s food is corn-free and organic food, and I have different tastes for him, so he doesn’t get the same every day. His favorite is horse and chicken 🙂


He seems so easy, do you have any tricks?

He is an easy dog! All dogs are different, just like kids. Some are more difficult and some are easier. That said, there are still things you can do to maybe make it easier – my best tip is not to be so scared about just bringing them along! There are so many rules about how your dog in the firsts weeks shouldn’t meet too many new people, shouldn’t walk near traffic and cars and so on… Well. We got Alfred while we were living in the middle of the city center in Copenhagen, so that wasn’t really an option for us. BUT, this also made him so easy to always come with us, never scared of other people and he looooves it when we bring him with us. He can sit for hours under the table when I have lunch with my friends, and he is just so happy to come along instead of being at home alone. I even bring him to my meetings sometime!

So my best trick will be: 
– Bring him with you along from the beginning instead of putting your life on hold!
– Don’t give them human food, if you don’t want your dog to beg for your food!
– And show them as much love as they show you. Dogs are such amazing creatures, and they deserve the same happiness they give to you 🙂 

I hope this was useful and that I answered some of your questions about Alfred. I actually tried four times now, that people stopped me and asked if it was Alfred and took pictures with him haha! One time Nico was also there and she even asked if he could take the picture – that was a little funny 😉 
Let me know if there is anything else about him you want to know, otherwise I will keep on going with the Alfred spam on my Instagram since I see a lot of you guys finds it fun and cute!

Lots of love from Alfred and me


On vacation at my mom & dad’s house, he loves to go there as they have a big garden
When he was just a little puppy
His best friend in the world is Nico. I even though try in the most unfair ways with goodies – but he still love Nico the most 😉

Since there are not grandkids yet, Alfred is treated like one haha
Alfred loves polar bears, I think he thinks it’s his family 🙂
This how happy Alfred is when Nico has been away for a game in two days and comes home in the middle of the night haha

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