It’s not all afternoon teas and fancy handbags…

It’s MUCH more than that.
I get a lot of questions about how it is to share my life with a professional athlete. Some people truly believe that it’s all about sitting at afternoon parties and discuss fancy handbags. Well, to be honest… That would probably be possible if that was what I wanted but it isn’t in my case.
Like everything else, it comes with a price. Also this life. A price you maybe take forgiven because that’s how most jobs work. But not in the football life 😉

  • I have found a few examples, to try and give you an idea of what I mean;
  • It’s following someone else’s dream, but sharing their passion. 
  • It’s leaving behind your family, but making new friends that become family. 
  • It’s spending your Christmas night alone, but having 3 Christmases instead!
  • It’s the dread of goodbyes, but the blessings of hellos.
  • It’s missing special occasions, but creating your own. 
  • It’s being away from everything you know, but seeing some beautiful places that you’d have never known. 
  • It’s saying goodbye to date nights on a Saturday, but being grateful for family nights.
  • It’s injury and defeat, but the goals and the win!
  • it’s no time off on weekends – not even for Christmas, birthdays or weddings, but a whole month off in June. 
  • It’s putting someone else’s career before your own, but being grateful that it will one day allows you to spend every day with your kids. 
  • It’s making a sacrifice for your family, but making a future for your children. 
  • It’s buying nice things to help with emotions, but learning very quickly that materialistic things aren’t important when you’re away from what is. 
  • It’s being settled one day to moving house the next, but it’s wanderlust and excitement. 
  • It’s falling out and having nowhere to go, but to make up instead 😉
  • It’s moving your child to 4x different schools, but it’s creating an independent child!
  • It’s living in a suitcase for weeks, but owning an amazing house. 
  • It’s a job 24-7, but not on Tuesdays!!
  • It’s when home becomes a person, but not a place.
  • It’s a lifestyle, but it’s real. 
  • It’s a footballer, but a person. 
  • It’s a “wag”, but a supporter. 
  • It’s lonely, but it’s not forever. 
  • It’s not forever, but we’ll wish it was 🙂

A friend of mine sent me some of these and I wanted to share it. Because it actually says it pretty good… Like every other job, relationships and lifestyle, everything has up’s and downs.

A lot of the questions for my Q&A was about this, so I decided to do a post only about this. I hope you got a better idea about it now and maybe discovered a site of the football life, that you didn’t know 😉

Thank you for reading and I wish you a wonderful week!


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