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By following me, you probably already know I priority my workout very high. I love how it makes me feel and how it makes me look. I feel much better after a workout and I get so much energy from it!
Also, I love to create a balance between my big heart for good food and to stay in shape. 

I think it’s very individual what timeslot during the day that suits each person best to work out. I experienced that from 10-11 or 11-12 is working the best for me! I can get up at least two hours before, have my coffee in peace while watching some danish morning TV, quickly check my emails and do a walk with Alfred. I work out three times a week at least and there is for sure days that are easier to get there, than others – and that is completely normal!

But that is all about motivation! Once you get there, it isn’t that bad at all, right?
The best motivation for me to go for a workout is when I have some cool sportswear. Do you know that feeling? When your gear is on point, you feel much more motivated and it gives you more energy for your training!

I sometimes find it hard to find some sportswear that looks good and actually works well. By working well, I mean giving you support and good quality to breathe through. Did you know Hunkemöller started making sportswear? The sportswear itself is looking SO GOOD and fashionable, and from their knowledge of making bras, they know the importance of a good support. That is why they decided to sort the sports bras into three levels – 1, 2 and 3. They even did a test online where you can find out your exact size and recommended level! How COOL and convenient is this???

I almost always go for bigger support as I do boxing, but for some reason, the sports bras with the biggest support always look the most boring. That fact Hunkemöller now proved wrong! Click here to have a look at the super chic collection of sportswear and cool sports bras – in any size and level!

Here is my favorite outfit from this collection:

Shop pants here

Shop sports bra here

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Check out all the styles here

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Check out all the other styles here, and go KILL your workout!!

xx Theresa


This blog post was made in paid collaboration with Hunkemöller

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