How I keep myself protected in the sun

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My mom always made a big thing out of protecting me and my brother with SPF when I was a child. I remember how we always had to wait 15 minutes before going to the pool when we got the sunscreen on – and we HATED it 😉 Both the wait and the sticky feeling!

Getting older I continued my use of high SPF everytime I’m in the sun. I use it both to protect my skin, but also to keep wrinkles away and keep looking young.
I do still hate the greasy feeling when you put an SPF30 or SPF50 on, but I do it after all.

Last year on my honeymoon I discovered the most amazing product in suncare so far!! We stayed at the outstanding Burj Al Arab in Dubai and running out of sunscreen, I visited their pool shop and found COOLA. It was a spray on, but I tried a lot of those without any big success. Either they sprayed too much product or it just didn’t protect enough.
But!! This product is BEYOND amazing. It has a misty easy spray, a nice sent, 70% organic and it protects so well! Nico always gets burned in his neck, but not this time.

I bought a stack with me home, because I never saw it in Denmark before. Luckily it’s now available in a lot of stores like Matas, but also online!
My favorite sents are Tropical Coconut and Guava Mango. They also have unscented if you don’t want to have any sent at all, but I recommend you to try them – they are dreamy!
Sunscreen shouldn’t be a sticky and annoying thing you have to do, but a moisturizing and fresh experience.




Enjoy your time in the sun and remember to protect yourself with SPF to stay healthy and young 😉

Sunny vibes


This blogpost was made in collaboration with COOLA.

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