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Theresa Kofoed Jørgensen Dermalogica Ambassadør

Dearest readers,

I am very proud to finally be able to announce this and share it with you! I am the new face and ambassador of Dermalogica Denmark. A title I am very proud of and that I will try my very best to live up to.

Since I was a very young girl, I saw how my mom every morning and evening took so well care of her skin, and always prioritized both routines. I asked a lot of questions out of curiosity, and she always told me this; The best investment you can do is in your skin. These words got engraved in my memory, and I started very young to clean my skin at night and always use high SPF in my face.

Seeing my mom now at age 51 and how her skin is the purest and most beautiful in a natural way, makes me aware of the benefits of what I’m doing. No matter what age you are in, it is never too late, and your skin will thank you for it.

I’ve been testing and testing over the year’s new products out of curiosity, but when I made it to Dermalogica a few years ago, I completely fell in love. I’ve been a loyal customer ever since, and I’ve experienced the differences it does to my skin and how suited the product lines are for each skin. For me, Dermalogica is skincare that actually works, but in it’s purest form.

Therefore, I am very proud to be able to get this title and the responsibility it comes with to be Dermalogica Ambassador. I want to show you how I do my routines, which products I use and in which occasions, how I make my skin the best version and how I experiment with different treatments.

As always and in everything I do, my biggest wish to inspire you guys. And my goal in this role will be to show you how skincare routines should be a luxurious well-being thing that you will enjoy and not an annoying obligation.

Stay tuned for more and make sure to keep an eye on my both my Instagram and Dermalogica Denmark, where we will be treating you with special competitions later today!

xx Theresa

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