Boxing – My favorite workout at the moment

Every Friday I do boxing, and I really look forward to it! I always try out new types of workouts, and I easily get bored. BUT this one kept my interest, and I did boxing now for one year!

I like it because it’s really fun and it’s such an effective FAT BURNER! Besides that, it also increases your muscle tone, builds strong bones and ligaments, improves your muscular endurance, your core stability and it’s proven to be stress relieving.
If you didn’t try it yet, I recommend you to do! 

And if it’s your first time, I made 5 tips for you to know before:

1. You are going to move A LOT, so bring your hair up
You will be working hard and remember you have boxing gloves on, so you can’t just take your hair away if it comes in your face. Do a ponytail so you can be all focused on your workout!

2. Don’t go on an empty stomach – You WILL need the energy
Make sure to eat enough but not too much around 2 hours before your workout. Your body needs fuel for energy, but also everyone is different on this point. Try different pre-meals and pay attention to what works best for you.
For me, the best thing is to have a low-fat yogurt (in Danish we call this Skyr, I’m not sure what the english word is haha) along with a cup of coffee and lots of water.

3. Hydrate both before AND after
This kind of training utilizes every muscle in the body for fast and dynamic movements. This equals a lot of calories burned and a lot of sweat! Your body will need proper hydration both before and after your workout.

4. Disconnect. No phones allowed!
Turn off your phone and disconnect from your workday. This will also make it easier to remember your combos and to focus on perfecting your technique.
You will leave your workout much more refreshed if you turn off your phone while your training!

5. You’ll be bouncing around, so wear a good sports bra
It took me a while to understand the importance of a good sports bra. Invest in one that minimizes movement so you can make sure your shoulders stay relaxed. Once they are relaxed, you’ll notice your punches will be faster and stronger.

I hope this can be a little helpful and will motivate you to try it out! Maybe later on, I’ll do some videos of how I’m boxing if you like?

Kick some ass and enjoy your weekend!  xx Theresa

  1. Du skriver så godt og dine indlæg er så interessante! Jeg har fulgt dig i lang tid og det er så spændende at lære dig at kende nu gennem din blog. Det kunne være sjovt at se nogle videoer hvor du træner og hvor du viser dine bedste øvelser?

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