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Living only 50 minutes drive away from the capital Amsterdam, I go there quite often. Rotterdam and Amsterdam have a strange relationship to each other, its true to say they actually don’t like each other. Especially in football 😉
But besides that, I must admit as a “Rotterdammer” that I think Amsterdam is a beautiful city too.

In Rotterdam, everything is new due to the fact, that the city simply had to be rebuilt after the 2nd world war, because everything was bombed.
Therefore you see the most spectacular and creative buildings in Rotterdam, which also have one of the prettiest skylines I’ve ever seen.

In Amsterdam, everything is old and the buildings are more than hundreds of years old. The charm of that only is breathtaking! Also in Amsterdam, you have all the canals running through the city center, which you have a little bit of in Copenhagen also, but in Amsterdam, it is everywhere. And it is beyond beautiful and gives the cosiest vibe!

But back to some of my favorite hotspots in Amsterdam:

Café George
My absolute favorite café! This cute French place is like the Dutch version of Balthazar in New York. The food is yummy and also pretty “Insta-friendly” 😉

Also, a hangout café based in central Amsterdam. Enjoy a nice salad and some homemade fries!

The Duchess
Might be my favorite dinner place in Amsterdam. I looove the Harry Potter looking settings and the menu card is both fun and tasty. You have so many delicious dishes and don’t forget to order homemade ice cream for dessert! They will make it in front of you and give you your own selections of sprinkles! How cool is that?!

MOMO and Izakaya
Japanese cuisine at it’s best. Snacks, sushi, tacos and great fish/meat. I bring all my friends either here or to Izakaya when they visit, and no one has been disappointed yet! Or they just didn’t told me…

Mr Porter
The best meat restaurant in Amsterdam! It’s located on top of the cool W hotel and next to you find a nice bar to go for drinks either before or after your dinner!

Mama Kelly
The most “Insta-friendly” place I’ve E-V-E-R been. You just have to try this. And bring your girls, not your boyfriend 😉 See here why… Besides the interior itself makes you wanna go there, the food is also really tasty.

Gin bar at Conservatorium
I love a good gin tonic and if there’s something I found out that they do good in Holland, it’s the gin tonic’s! At the beautiful Conservatorium hotel you find the coolest gin bar who also serves great snacks.

W Skybar
At the W hotel you find the rooftop bar which obviously (by the name) comes with a cool vibe and a great view too. The cocktails are good and the music is funky, definately a perfect place to go for an espresso martini after dinner at either The Duchess or Mr Porter, which are both also located at the W hotel.

This is just a few of my favorite hang out spots – Amsterdam offers so many cool places and especially at this time of the year when the weather is good, you can almost sit at any café next to the canals and fall in love with this city’s vibe.

See you in the sun!

 At Mama Kelly At Mama Kelly’s 😉

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