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movie night

I love to watch a good movie, especially at home with candle lights and snacks! I’m the (annoying) type who always will fall asleep if we watch a movie laying in bed, so that is now officially not allowed in our house anymore since Nico ends up watching MY movies all alone always 😉

That said, I compensate by being REALLY good at making a cozy setting in the living room! I light up candles, brings extra pillows and carpets AND snacks. Always be prepared with drinks and snacks before you start the movie!

My all-time favorites snack is not a healthy one – Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough. If you haven’t tried it yet – DON’T! Haha. You will get addicted 😉 But I also like chocolate cake and chips. I always enjoy that in the weekends (and sometimes during the week also, when I simply can’t resist) but mostly I’m MORE than fine with this DELICIOUS healthy option you can read about here.


But now to my top 10 favorite movies!
Here you go:



This quite unknown movie is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. I love movies that you have no idea how ends and ends with the most unbelievable things you’d never guessed!  This movie was so different and I couldn’t stop thinking about it after, I was awake the whole night and so hyped about how EVERYTHING made sense in the end – in the most insane way. Watch it!!!!



This movie is more known and I love it! First time I had to pick a movie to watch together with Nico – I picked this one. He HATED it. I never thought we were gonna be together, I mean, how can I be with a person who doesn’t like Memento?!! 😉 I made him see it again and again, but he still hates it. I don’t believe him. I think he is just being stubborn now 😉 I love this movie!!



This is also a classic, even though it’s quite new! I love this movie so so much and I recommend EVERYONE to see it (even though there’s a big chance you already saw it). Anyway, I can see this movie over and over – and still do 😉
Also still cries. Yes, I’m one of them….


The Prestige

Also one of my absolute FAVORITE movies! I hate science fiction movies and if you also do, don’t get all scared that it is that kind of movie, just because it’s about magicians. I promise you, this is a FANTASTIC movie!


Wolf of Wallstreet

Another classic! In general, I really love movies with Leonardo Dicaprio, but this one is one of his very best. I also love Jonah Hill, he is the funniest! I also get the best laughs watching this movie, and I can’t count how many times I’ve seen it!


Love Actually

My all-time FAVORITE Christmas movie. It’s not Christmas before I’ve seen it. But it’s really a Christmas movie, so don’t watch it yet – but have it ready for December. Warning: Crying alert. But also some really good laughs!


The kite runner

This movie makes me cry just thinking about it. Not much to say, just watch it. Wow.


Catch me if you can

Another Leonardo Dicaprio movie and made by Steven Spielberg. Based on a true story, which makes it even crazier. I love seeing movies based on a true story, it just gives a totally different feeling while watching it, because you keep in mind that this actually happened.


50 firsts dates

It’s not many romantic films I’m allowed to see here at home, but this one is a winner 😉 Adam Sandler, another great actor, is the main character together with Drew Barrymore. It’s a really cute movie, even though it’s also a bit sad. But it has a good ending – I BTW really hate seeing movies with bad endings. I get so emotionally engaged, that it’s so hard for me to let it go. I both love and hate this about myself.



Ohhh myyyy God. Get your wipes ready, because you gonna need them. Such a strong and touching movie, you HAVE to see this one!!! Won’t say no more. Just watch it!


I hope this was useful to you or maybe can inspire your movie night. Or save you some time scrolling on Netflix 😉

Enjoy your movie night!




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