What’s your biggest dream in life?

To create my own healthy little family, to achieve my business goals and to explore the world.


What kind of music do you like?

I like a lot of music actually! R&B, hip-hop, pop, jazz, and soft house. There is nothing like good music to give you energy!


How does your morning routine looks?

Did a really short description here, but since I got many questions like this I should maybe do a video of it one day!


Mention the three most iconic items in your style?

Shoulder-padded blazers, sunglasses and everything denim.


Describe the best day of your life?

My wedding day. Without a doubt. Cannot tell you about this shortly, so I’m planning a post about it very soon!


What’s your goal for your blog/company?

To create good content and value for my readers, to discover more places around the world and to develop my entrepreneurial side more.


What do you find attractive in people?

The most important thing for me is a good energy. It doesn’t have to be same as mine and we don’t need to have the same interests etc., but a good energy is everything for me. It’s something I learned these past few years, that the energy of the people around me really effects me. So I try to use all my energy on the people around me that bring a good energy and give back the same vibe.
Besides that, I get attracted to humor, intelligence, passion, talent, and people that are confident with themselves.


What do you find unattractive in people?

Jealousy. Lies. And when peoples perspective is really small.


What kind of education do you have?

I already answered this question on Instagram, but I thought I would bring it here too. I have a project coordinator education and did a long internship at Telia Parken (the national stadium in Denmark), where I kept working for years after.
After that, I did a bachelor degree in Innovation & Entrepreneurship.


How do you get so confident?

I’m a confident woman and I’ve always been.  It’s a combination of how I’m raised and how I decide to see myself. In the end, It’s always up to ourselves if we think we are “good enough”. That said, I can, of course, get insecure like every other girl can!
As I got older, I got even better at not being so hard on myself. To ask myself, “Is it really worth it to be this hard on myself for something?”. And “Is there something I can do about then?” If yes, I will do it – If not, then I find peace with it. Because then I decided there is nothing to do about it and WHY would I then use more negative energy on it?

I think it’s generally a good thing to ask yourself the question: “Is there something I can do about it?” If yes, then DO IT! If no, then make peace with it.
Honestly, it’s easy to say, I know, but it works for me. It’s something I would tell the “younger me” if I could. Along with the words: “Everything will be okay. Don’t stress so much. But keep on going!”


By this fine question, I will end this Q&A. I hope you enjoyed it and got a lot of answers.
I know I didn’t answer all questions, but they still gave me a good indication about what you are interested in knowing more about for further on. I will also consider doing videos about some of the most asked questions – my closet, my workout, and my skin routines!


Have a lovely Sunday,

xx Theresa

Meet me in Barcelona

Last week I spent four days in Barcelona. It wasn’t my first time, I’ve been to Barcelona two times before. To be very honest, I haven’t been too excited about Barcelona before. Don’t get me wrong, I really liked the city and especially the weather – but I’ve been to a lot of places that I found more interesting than this city specifically. I never really got why people were so hyped about Barcelona, but to be fair I didn’t spend that much of time there as well.

Well… This trip truly proved me WRONG! Wow. I’ve seen a whole other side of Barcelona, that I haven’t seen before and I must eat my words and say wow. This city has so many amazing places and I really came to love it!

Reason why? Like every other city in the world, you need to know where to go. I constantly meet people who been to the most magical cities as I have, and they completely hated it. And almost always, It’s because they didn’t know where to go. A girl here from Rotterdam was going to Copenhagen this summer and I was so excited for her to enjoy (as she really likes good food and there you have a lot of nice places). I probably talked it up, but I was so sure Copenhagen could deliver anyway. Well… She came back and was very disappointed in the places she went. I really couldn’t understand, as we have quite similar taste in things – but then she told me which places she went and everything made sense. She visited all the “wrong”, very touristic places and I really understand she is quite disappointed now.

My point is, you can go to the same city and have totally different experiences. That is was what had happened to my perspective of Barcelona. And that’s why I believe that in almost every city there will be something that you’ll love, you just need to know where to go. That’s also why I love to share my favorite spots with you always, and hopefully give my readers the best experiences when they go!

This Barcelona trip was hosted by CAVA GROUP, which is a company that provides many of services around the world – one of them is being a host when you travel. Different from other travel agencies who also plan your trip and books everything, CAVA GROUP has a 24-hour host service that you always can reach out to and they can fix ANYTHING. And by anything, I really mean anything and very last minute! Besides that, the hosts that provide the service for you are experts in the city they are in.

This is the reason, I got to see a whole other Barcelona than before and why traveling with a company like CAVA GROUP, adds so much value to your time on vacation. Them fixing everything and taking care of everything, really made my short trip SO relaxing and perfect. I used all my time and energy on just enjoying some girl time with my old and dear friend from Denmark that I don’t get to see so much, because we are both busy girls and all around the world.

I will of course share with you some of my best tips now!



As you might already know from my previous hot spots, I really love Cecconi’s. I actually didn’t know that they just opened in Barcelona, it was our CAVA GROUP host who told us and made a reservation in two seconds on a Friday night! Really impressing. She read my blog and read that I love pasta and Cecconi’s, so she told me as one of the first things when she picked us up at the airport – how cute is that! Her name was Olga, and she was such a nice girl.
Anyway! It’s an Italian restaurant and the food is SO yummy! You need to try if you like Italian food. And just to let you know, it’s located at SOHO house Barcelona where you have to be a member, but you do not have to be for visiting the restaurant as a lot of people think. Bon appétit!


Boca Grande

This was the only restaurant in Barcelona that I’ve been to before and I really, really like this place. Or house, because it’s actually a house. You have the main restaurant and two different bars inside. They serve the most wonderful seafood and tapas, along with some of the best cocktails I’ve had. The cocktail called “The Killer” might be my favorite cocktail ever!! Go there for dinner or just a drink, but make sure to book in good time because it is very difficult to get a table! Or book through CAVA GROUP, they fixed the reservation in 5 minutes!
Another really fun feature is the bathrooms there. I will not say too much, just go there and you will know what I mean 😉



This place I have no words for. Once again, our host from CAVA GROUP advised us to go there and from the outside, it really doesn’t look like much. I was a bit skeptic and also when we came in. It was a really small place and this guy comes to welcome us with dreadlocks. Nothing bad about dreadlocks – but I mean, we are at an Asian Fusion restaurant? This is not what you expect to see right? 😉 Anyway, this guy I later find out is actually the owner haha! (Never judge a person by the looks! Lesson learned)
He started out by keeping the menu cards in his hands and asking if he could just bring us food and see if we liked it. I’m always the annoying type who never takes the set menu but likes to pick out the dishes myself. He kept saying we should give him a chance and if we didn’t like it – he would take it back and take it off the bill. I honestly still wanted to pick out myself, but I didn’t want to be rude haha! So we said okay.

Ohhh. My. God.
I never tried so good Japanese food and sushi. Not one single dish was sent back but reordered many times. One dish we ordered three times haha! This place was something else and NOT something I would ever have found without our host. If you read this Olga, THANK YOU so so much for this experience <3
If you like Asian food and sushi, you have to go here! I’m very sure, you will love me after.


Flex & Kale

To something very different – Flex & Kale. This very trendy vegetarian place is something there is a big chance you’ve already seen on some other bloggers Instagram. Because this is like glue for every blogger and Instagrammer and I must say that the hype is deserved. The menu card is so big and offers the most delicious vegetarian food. We choose the taco’s, mini-burgers and kale chips. So if you are into really healthy food, this is a nice place to go for you! And if you are bringing your boyfriend who doesn’t like to eat only plant-based, tell him there is also seafood! 😉

I once wanted to bring Nico to a place like this and he said it wasn’t really for him this plant-based-only food and I said OK, let’s just go get a burger. We went to the vegan place and I bought him the burger without telling him it was vegan and contained no meat or real cheese at all – he said “Oh, it tastes a little different this burger but I really like it” hahaha. I waited till he was done and told him it was actually the vegan place and the burger was vegan, he didn’t believe me 😉 So apparently if they make the vegan food good, it’s not that bad! And that they sure do at Flex & Kale.


This was some of the places we went for our little girl trip and I hope this information can benefit you if you go to Barcelona. My whole view of the city Barcelona changed a lot after this trip and I’m definitely a fan now!

Thank you for showing me Barcelona’s best sides, CAVA GROUP. I will be back very soon!


This trip was made in collaboration with CAVA GROUP. 


In August I’ve been very busy with a lot of things. I’ve been back and forth from Copenhagen, sometimes even two times in a week. I get asked so many times “Don’t you get tired of going back and forth?” – and yes of course, sometimes I do. I actually enjoy very much most of the time though. It’s only a one-hour flight but going to the airport etc still takes time and energy. And planning. Good planning is really the key and luckily that’s one of my better qualities in life!

Besides the travel back and forth from Copenhagen, I’m also organizing my coming trip this fall/winter. Soon I can tell you more about this and I’m sooo excited!!! Stay tuned a little more..

Also, we are moving house this weekend! The moving guys I trust and like to use only had a little time, so I decided to pack and unpack everything myself. Myself because Nico is training very hard at the moment and needs a lot of rest when he is home. He, of course, thought it was a stupid idea and said we had to wait – but I’m very impatient and when I decide something, I take action! Right now I packed 20 boxes and I’m not even halfway… But I feel like an independent woman 😉

So that’s why I’m a little quiet at the moment. I’m working on one of my dreams to come true this fall/winter, another project which involves more TV and my house moving which has to be done by this week!
Oh… And this weekend I’m going to Barcelona with a dear friend in collaboration with the coolest company! So keep an eye out on my Instagram…


Surprise surprise

Last week I had to go to Copenhagen for two days of work, but I made back just in time for the weekend because I had planned something special for Nico. Saturday night we just stayed in and I asked Nico if we should go and have a look at the view of our new apartment in the night (which is so insane btw!!). First, he was too lazy to leave the couch, but I convinced him and in the end, he agreed so we went to our new place. When we arrived and he went out on the balcony, all his friends stood there and yelled surprise!!! They flew in for the weekend and stayed until Monday evening. Well, actually Tuesday because they didn’t make their flight haha… Why is this so typical for a guy trip??? 😉

Anyway, when I invited his friends, I accidentally looked up the wrong dates. I thought, that I planned it so well that they could come and the same weekend I could leave for my Barcelona trip, but I mixed up the dates! So this weekend, where Nico will be off, I will not be there but in Barcelona. Bad planning, guess I wasn’t that good after all haha. Anyway, I think Nico really enjoyed our little surprise and some boys time. He will have plenty more time for that this weekend, while I will be in Barcelona!

Wishing you all a lovely week!

xx Theresa

Meet me in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is very special to me. It’s special because of two main reasons; first, I’m absolutely in love with the city and its vibe. There’s a special relaxed and positive vibe, that your mind adapts to as soon as you arrive. Your soul gets filled with calmness and you just feel good! There’s nothing like just cruising around without in a convertible or with your windows fully down. Just adapting the vibe, the people, the palms and the warm breeze. I love Los Angeles.

The second reason is that I combine L.A. with family time. I used to spend almost every summer in the orange country since I was 9 years old! My mom lived in L.A. before she met my dad and if it wasn’t for him, she would probably still be living there she says. And I truly get her! What is it with me and my mom, falling in love and having to move around for love haha 😉 Well, to compensate my dad made sure they would still spend a lot of time in L.A. and they sure did! He also took her for a road trip around in the USA as their honeymoon when they were very young!

Anyway, my brother lives in L.A. now for the 4th year which gives us all a good excuse to go more often 😉 As a matter of fact, they are all there at this very moment. I wish I was there with them!

This summer we finally had the time to go, Nico and I. Nico have been there only for two days before he went to another destination, so it doesn’t really count. I have been SOOOO excited to show him “my” L.A. and my favorite places. Luckily, he fell in love with this city just as much as I did! And we have a little dream about moving here one day. We had the best time and we even met some of our great friends there, they booked (without even knowing we were going to L.A.) the same hotel as us! So we enjoyed some good time with them, with my brother and of course on our own as well.

I would like to share some of my favorite dining places in the city of angels with you:



Next, to Cipriani, this is my favorite Italian restaurant for dinner. The pasta is so dreamy and the vibe is always great! We went here 2 times in one week haha. Make sure you book to sit outside!



This is such a typical L.A. hotspot, but no wonder it’s so hyped! It’s located on Melrose Avenue like Cecconi’s, but on a rooftop which means you get the most beautiful view! The restaurant itself though is really gorgeous and full of flowers. They serve seafood and al fresco dining. A must try!!


Nobu Malibu

This is probably the most beautiful Nobu in the world! It’s located right next to the water on Malibu beach and you can feel the ocean breeze (best breeze in the world) and enjoy delicious Asian fusion. I recommend to go for lunch rather than dinner, so you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings fully!


Mr. Chow

Chinese fusion dining located in the area of Rodeo Drive. I love to come here and the food is yummy! Especially the noodles and the red shrimps. I looove the red shrimps. Having a serious craving right now just writing about them haha..


Cabana Café at The Beverly Hills hotel

My favorite hotel and also the hotel we stayed in. This hotel is so iconic and I love love love the interior there and the location! They just renovated their restaurant and the Cabana Café next to the pool is so worth a visit. They serve delicious poke bowls,  salads, and cheesy quesadillas.


Il Pastaio

THE PLACE to lunch after a nice walk down Rodeo Drive. It’s located just two streets behind Rodeo Drive and it’s on a corner. It’s always busy there but you just check in and wait 20-30 minutes till they call you that your table is ready. There is plenty of shops around to discover while waiting. This Italian place serves some of the best pasta’s I’ve ever had and especially the truffle pasta there is HEAVEN ON EARTH!!



This was Nobu Matsuhisa himself very first restaurant. It’s not that fancy and looking from the outside, you would never guess how amazing this restaurant truly is. But the food is absolutely outstanding and they serve dishes you don’t have at Nobu!
Nobu’s wife, Yoko Matsuhisa, herself is still in charge and will walk around and if you are lucky, she will tell you stories about their really interesting life. She told me about her dining experiences in Copenhagen and how she embarrass everyone when she refused to eat bugs at NOMA (finest restaurant in Copenhagen and number one in the world at that time). This was so much more than what it looked like from the outside and what I expected. I truly recommend this hidden treasure.


Skybar at Mondrian

Going for pre-dinner drinks? Or post-dinner drinks? This is the place. You have the view over the whole city and it’s just something you have to experience for yourself.


Chateau Marmont

Hidden away from all the traffic, you find Chateau Marmont. Sitting on the terrace enjoying a nice lunch from their market-fresh California cuisine, is like being in an old movie. Make sure to book a reservation before going.


Urth Café

This place is iconic if you watched Entourage. And we did. Many times. Nico loves this series and I must say I agree! Besides this, I think it’s a little overrated. There is a big line always and the food is average. But Nico told me to put it in, so maybe there are other Entourage fans out there who also would like to go!



This is a must do! These burgers are soooo good and the fries are even better. Not more to say. Just go. And thank me later.


Alfreds Coffee

Where I prefer to get my coffee when in L.A.! My favorite Alfred Coffee is located on Melrose Place, where you also find nice shopping. Good to mix these two things, great coffee, and great shopping!


The butcher’s daughter

The butcher’s daughter is located on one in my favorite areas, on Abbot Kinney Blvd. They serve delicious vegan food and the best juices! Especially juice number 9, it’s my favorite juice in the world I think! Tastes so yummy and fresh! You need to try. This place is perfect to schedule as a healthy lunch after visiting Venice Beach because it’s really close by!

This was some of my favorite hot spots to dine in Los Angeles! I will do another post later, about my favorite things to do while visiting this incredible city and give you my very best tips and tricks!


I wish you the best time in the City of Angels <3




Delicious and VERY easy pasta

Most of you know how I have a weak spot for pasta. I love pasta, I could eat it every day and almost do. But only good prepared al dente pasta, I absolutely hate overcooked pasta with a nasty bolognese. Would be paradise to live in Italy, where pasta is insanely good almost everywhere 😉

That said, a nice dish doesn’t have to be super difficult. One of my FAVORITE dishes is so easy to make and the taste is delicious!


Here are the ingredients you need:

(4 persons)

400 grams of spaghetti

1 can chopped tomatoes (I always use Mutti, they are the best)

1 big handful of fresh basil leaves

1 onion, shredded and finely chopped

2 cloves of garlic, finely chopped

15-20 cherry tomatoes, cut in both

1/2 coarsely driven zucchini

1 teaspoon oregano

5 dl vegetable boullion 

2 teaspoon olive oil

1 teaspoon dried chili flakes or fresh chili (I prefer fresh)

1 teaspoon salt

Freshly ground pepper
Other than that, you can have some fresh parmesan for when serving and some fresh basil leaves.

How to make it:

Here comes the crazy easy part; You just put everything in the pot at the same time – all at once! Make it boil, stir quickly and then simmer the dish for 10-15 minutes or until the spaghetti is perfectly cooked – al dente, not too cooked. Put on plates with a dash of fresh parmesan and basil leaves and here you go!

If you like to add meat, you can add some chicken after on top or you can add some good chorizo from the beginning together with the other ingredients! But honestly, you don’t need it for the taste – only if you want meat in it.

I won’t be much easier than this and it tastes DELICIOUS as all the ingredients are getting into the spaghetti and will add so much taste!

Bon appetito <3

To Copenhagen with love

I’m sitting in the airport waiting for my flight to Copenhagen. The main reason I’m going is that I’m attending a wedding. I looove weddings! Nothing is more beautiful and no parties are better than wedding parties! Well… Except for sometimes when the speeches are too long haha 😉 I’m actually considering writing some posts about our wedding, would you be interested in that? Let me know!

The wedding is tomorrow, Saturday, so I’m using my Friday night to see some of my girlfriends! Tomorrow I will go to the wedding, which is at a beautiful location just outside of Copenhagen. The dress I was supposed to wear, I can’t find! So I panicked a little (a lot) when packed my few things one hour before going to the airport. So this will be interesting 😉 Follow my Instagram stories tomorrow, to see what It’s gonna end up with. I’m excited myself to know that as well haha!

I’m sleeping on the wedding location and Sunday when I come back, I also have appointments to see some friends and just relax in wonderful Copenhagen! Monday I have packed the whole day FULLY with meetings and will be taking the last plane home in the evening. I have some very, very exciting things coming up that I can’t wait to tell you more about!
Now my plane is boarding and I will be there in less than one hour. How convenient is this?! Wuhuuu see you soon Copenhagen, my old love!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

My favorite movies of all time

movie night

I love to watch a good movie, especially at home with candle lights and snacks! I’m the (annoying) type who always will fall asleep if we watch a movie laying in bed, so that is now officially not allowed in our house anymore since Nico ends up watching MY movies all alone always 😉

That said, I compensate by being REALLY good at making a cozy setting in the living room! I light up candles, brings extra pillows and carpets AND snacks. Always be prepared with drinks and snacks before you start the movie!

My all-time favorites snack is not a healthy one – Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough. If you haven’t tried it yet – DON’T! Haha. You will get addicted 😉 But I also like chocolate cake and chips. I always enjoy that in the weekends (and sometimes during the week also, when I simply can’t resist) but mostly I’m MORE than fine with this DELICIOUS healthy option you can read about here.


But now to my top 10 favorite movies!
Here you go:



This quite unknown movie is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. I love movies that you have no idea how ends and ends with the most unbelievable things you’d never guessed!  This movie was so different and I couldn’t stop thinking about it after, I was awake the whole night and so hyped about how EVERYTHING made sense in the end – in the most insane way. Watch it!!!!



This movie is more known and I love it! First time I had to pick a movie to watch together with Nico – I picked this one. He HATED it. I never thought we were gonna be together, I mean, how can I be with a person who doesn’t like Memento?!! 😉 I made him see it again and again, but he still hates it. I don’t believe him. I think he is just being stubborn now 😉 I love this movie!!



This is also a classic, even though it’s quite new! I love this movie so so much and I recommend EVERYONE to see it (even though there’s a big chance you already saw it). Anyway, I can see this movie over and over – and still do 😉
Also still cries. Yes, I’m one of them….


The Prestige

Also one of my absolute FAVORITE movies! I hate science fiction movies and if you also do, don’t get all scared that it is that kind of movie, just because it’s about magicians. I promise you, this is a FANTASTIC movie!


Wolf of Wallstreet

Another classic! In general, I really love movies with Leonardo Dicaprio, but this one is one of his very best. I also love Jonah Hill, he is the funniest! I also get the best laughs watching this movie, and I can’t count how many times I’ve seen it!


Love Actually

My all-time FAVORITE Christmas movie. It’s not Christmas before I’ve seen it. But it’s really a Christmas movie, so don’t watch it yet – but have it ready for December. Warning: Crying alert. But also some really good laughs!


The kite runner

This movie makes me cry just thinking about it. Not much to say, just watch it. Wow.


Catch me if you can

Another Leonardo Dicaprio movie and made by Steven Spielberg. Based on a true story, which makes it even crazier. I love seeing movies based on a true story, it just gives a totally different feeling while watching it, because you keep in mind that this actually happened.


50 firsts dates

It’s not many romantic films I’m allowed to see here at home, but this one is a winner 😉 Adam Sandler, another great actor, is the main character together with Drew Barrymore. It’s a really cute movie, even though it’s also a bit sad. But it has a good ending – I BTW really hate seeing movies with bad endings. I get so emotionally engaged, that it’s so hard for me to let it go. I both love and hate this about myself.



Ohhh myyyy God. Get your wipes ready, because you gonna need them. Such a strong and touching movie, you HAVE to see this one!!! Won’t say no more. Just watch it!


I hope this was useful to you or maybe can inspire your movie night. Or save you some time scrolling on Netflix 😉

Enjoy your movie night!




My make-up bag

theresa kofoed jørgensen

I love make-up. I used to watch videos on youtube when I was younger and practice for hours. I love how a few things can make such a big difference and really bring out the best parts of you!

But somehow my make-up game is changing like the wind. I think I get inspired by whats around me. Sometimes I can go on a vacation with my friend who doesn’t wear makeup and hardly wear any. Otherwise, I can see tree episodes of Wags LA and afterward do the most extra look because I get so motived by watching them with all their makeup! Am I the only one being this weird and changing with makeup? Haha 😉

I get a lot of make-up questions on my IG, so I decided to let you know my best tricks! Here are some of my favorite products:


Primer: Smashbox photo finish This product is amazing! When you first tried it, you don’t ever wanna put on make-up without it. I always clean my face and use my day cream together with an SPF50 BEFORE putting on makeup!  

Foundation: Armani luminous silk for mym daily wear and Armani designer lift for more evening makeup. – I tried so many different foundations, but I like how Armani’s feels so light on the skin but still covers perfectly. 

Brows: Anastasia Beverly Hills – All her products are the best in the brow game if you ask me. I switch from using her powder brows to the dip brows.

Bronzer: “Hoola” from Benefit and “Baked mineral” in golden from Tromborg. – The one from Hoola is matte and I always use this one in the winter. The one from Tromborg is with shine in and I use it all summer! For a more dramatic look, I combine them, starting with the Hoola to sculpt and then the baked mineral to add some shine!

Blush: I only wear blush sometimes, it depends on my mood. Mostly I just use bronzer, but when I use blush, I use “Windflush” by Laura Mercier. I love the burnt orange color and it works well with my bronzer. 

Highlighter: “Sundipped” from Anastasia Beverly Hills and “Soft & gentle” from Mac. – I use “Soft & gentle” for daily wear and Sundipped when I go out. Sundipped is so gorgeous!! But can look a little too heavy in the daylight I think. 

Eyeshadow: I normally don’t use eyeshadow during the day and if I do it’s just a little dash of the “Baked mineral” bronzer from Tromborg. But when I wanna dress up or be a little extra – I almost always use “Mulch velvet” from Mac. If not this one, I have different palettes in earth colors from Morphe, that I can really recommend. 

Mascara: “Better than sex” from Too Faced or “Miss Manga” from L’oreal.

Lips: I use the lipgloss “Rebel” from Bare Minerals almost EVERY day. –  I never got the matte lips trend. I honestly think it suits very few persons, and I’m not one of them 😉 I like a good lipgloss and I think the key is SHINE – not glitter 😉
When I dress up, I love wearing red lipstick. Well, some would say it’s more orange-red than red-red, but I love this tone to my tanned skin and I think it looks so fresh. I always use “Cristiano” by Tom Ford. – I can in general really recommend Tom Fords lipsticks, they are so pigmented and smooth on the lips! I only have to apply one layer and it will last for hours and hours!

False lashes: I like having eyelash extensions on, it looks beautiful and is so easy in the morning. But I also think, that if you are during it, you have to do it regularly and keep them nice. There is nothing worse than having a half set of lashes on one eye and only three left on the other eye! It looks so bad and sloppy if you ask me – then it’s better to just have your own lashes. That’s what happened for me, I have a quite last minute changing schedule, so I often had to cancel the appointments and then I ended up looking like I just described 😉 And that’s not pretty! Especially if they are longer and thicker than your own, it just doesn’t look nice at all after a week or two. So I don’t have permanent lashes on anymore, I have my own and if I want more volume and length – I use strip lashes! Then they always look perfect, but only for the day/night 😉
I like to use the strip lashes from either Depend, Eldora or Duff Lashes. 

I hope I answered all your questions and that my recommendations were useful to you! Make-up is fun and very individual, so make sure to use it just how you like it to be 🙂

Enjoy your Saturday night! Cheers!


xx Theresa