My favorite movies of all time

movie night

I love to watch a good movie, especially at home with candle lights and snacks! I’m the (annoying) type who always will fall asleep if we watch a movie laying in bed, so that is now officially not allowed in our house anymore since Nico ends up watching MY movies all alone always 😉

That said, I compensate by being REALLY good at making a cozy setting in the living room! I light up candles, brings extra pillows and carpets AND snacks. Always be prepared with drinks and snacks before you start the movie!

My all-time favorites snack is not a healthy one – Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough. If you haven’t tried it yet – DON’T! Haha. You will get addicted 😉 But I also like chocolate cake and chips. I always enjoy that in the weekends (and sometimes during the week also, when I simply can’t resist) but mostly I’m MORE than fine with this DELICIOUS healthy option you can read about here.


But now to my top 10 favorite movies!
Here you go:



This quite unknown movie is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. I love movies that you have no idea how ends and ends with the most unbelievable things you’d never guessed!  This movie was so different and I couldn’t stop thinking about it after, I was awake the whole night and so hyped about how EVERYTHING made sense in the end – in the most insane way. Watch it!!!!



This movie is more known and I love it! First time I had to pick a movie to watch together with Nico – I picked this one. He HATED it. I never thought we were gonna be together, I mean, how can I be with a person who doesn’t like Memento?!! 😉 I made him see it again and again, but he still hates it. I don’t believe him. I think he is just being stubborn now 😉 I love this movie!!



This is also a classic, even though it’s quite new! I love this movie so so much and I recommend EVERYONE to see it (even though there’s a big chance you already saw it). Anyway, I can see this movie over and over – and still do 😉
Also still cries. Yes, I’m one of them….


The Prestige

Also one of my absolute FAVORITE movies! I hate science fiction movies and if you also do, don’t get all scared that it is that kind of movie, just because it’s about magicians. I promise you, this is a FANTASTIC movie!


Wolf of Wallstreet

Another classic! In general, I really love movies with Leonardo Dicaprio, but this one is one of his very best. I also love Jonah Hill, he is the funniest! I also get the best laughs watching this movie, and I can’t count how many times I’ve seen it!


Love Actually

My all-time FAVORITE Christmas movie. It’s not Christmas before I’ve seen it. But it’s really a Christmas movie, so don’t watch it yet – but have it ready for December. Warning: Crying alert. But also some really good laughs!


The kite runner

This movie makes me cry just thinking about it. Not much to say, just watch it. Wow.


Catch me if you can

Another Leonardo Dicaprio movie and made by Steven Spielberg. Based on a true story, which makes it even crazier. I love seeing movies based on a true story, it just gives a totally different feeling while watching it, because you keep in mind that this actually happened.


50 firsts dates

It’s not many romantic films I’m allowed to see here at home, but this one is a winner 😉 Adam Sandler, another great actor, is the main character together with Drew Barrymore. It’s a really cute movie, even though it’s also a bit sad. But it has a good ending – I BTW really hate seeing movies with bad endings. I get so emotionally engaged, that it’s so hard for me to let it go. I both love and hate this about myself.



Ohhh myyyy God. Get your wipes ready, because you gonna need them. Such a strong and touching movie, you HAVE to see this one!!! Won’t say no more. Just watch it!


I hope this was useful to you or maybe can inspire your movie night. Or save you some time scrolling on Netflix 😉

Enjoy your movie night!




My make-up bag

theresa kofoed jørgensen

I love make-up. I used to watch videos on youtube when I was younger and practice for hours. I love how a few things can make such a big difference and really bring out the best parts of you!

But somehow my make-up game is changing like the wind. I think I get inspired by whats around me. Sometimes I can go on a vacation with my friend who doesn’t wear makeup and hardly wear any. Otherwise, I can see tree episodes of Wags LA and afterward do the most extra look because I get so motived by watching them with all their makeup! Am I the only one being this weird and changing with makeup? Haha 😉

I get a lot of make-up questions on my IG, so I decided to let you know my best tricks! Here are some of my favorite products:


Primer: Smashbox photo finish This product is amazing! When you first tried it, you don’t ever wanna put on make-up without it. I always clean my face and use my day cream together with an SPF50 BEFORE putting on makeup!  

Foundation: Armani luminous silk for mym daily wear and Armani designer lift for more evening makeup. – I tried so many different foundations, but I like how Armani’s feels so light on the skin but still covers perfectly. 

Brows: Anastasia Beverly Hills – All her products are the best in the brow game if you ask me. I switch from using her powder brows to the dip brows.

Bronzer: “Hoola” from Benefit and “Baked mineral” in golden from Tromborg. – The one from Hoola is matte and I always use this one in the winter. The one from Tromborg is with shine in and I use it all summer! For a more dramatic look, I combine them, starting with the Hoola to sculpt and then the baked mineral to add some shine!

Blush: I only wear blush sometimes, it depends on my mood. Mostly I just use bronzer, but when I use blush, I use “Windflush” by Laura Mercier. I love the burnt orange color and it works well with my bronzer. 

Highlighter: “Sundipped” from Anastasia Beverly Hills and “Soft & gentle” from Mac. – I use “Soft & gentle” for daily wear and Sundipped when I go out. Sundipped is so gorgeous!! But can look a little too heavy in the daylight I think. 

Eyeshadow: I normally don’t use eyeshadow during the day and if I do it’s just a little dash of the “Baked mineral” bronzer from Tromborg. But when I wanna dress up or be a little extra – I almost always use “Mulch velvet” from Mac. If not this one, I have different palettes in earth colors from Morphe, that I can really recommend. 

Mascara: “Better than sex” from Too Faced or “Miss Manga” from L’oreal.

Lips: I use the lipgloss “Rebel” from Bare Minerals almost EVERY day. –  I never got the matte lips trend. I honestly think it suits very few persons, and I’m not one of them 😉 I like a good lipgloss and I think the key is SHINE – not glitter 😉
When I dress up, I love wearing red lipstick. Well, some would say it’s more orange-red than red-red, but I love this tone to my tanned skin and I think it looks so fresh. I always use “Cristiano” by Tom Ford. – I can in general really recommend Tom Fords lipsticks, they are so pigmented and smooth on the lips! I only have to apply one layer and it will last for hours and hours!

False lashes: I like having eyelash extensions on, it looks beautiful and is so easy in the morning. But I also think, that if you are during it, you have to do it regularly and keep them nice. There is nothing worse than having a half set of lashes on one eye and only three left on the other eye! It looks so bad and sloppy if you ask me – then it’s better to just have your own lashes. That’s what happened for me, I have a quite last minute changing schedule, so I often had to cancel the appointments and then I ended up looking like I just described 😉 And that’s not pretty! Especially if they are longer and thicker than your own, it just doesn’t look nice at all after a week or two. So I don’t have permanent lashes on anymore, I have my own and if I want more volume and length – I use strip lashes! Then they always look perfect, but only for the day/night 😉
I like to use the strip lashes from either Depend, Eldora or Duff Lashes. 

I hope I answered all your questions and that my recommendations were useful to you! Make-up is fun and very individual, so make sure to use it just how you like it to be 🙂

Enjoy your Saturday night! Cheers!


xx Theresa


Meet… Alfred

So this post must be one of the most asked posts of all time…

If you follow me on social media you know who I’m talking about, that fluffy always happy little creature who follows me around in airplanes and everywhere.

Since we got Alfred 3 years ago, he melted not only our hearts but everyone around him. I always dreamed about having a dog when I was a child and even though it’s sometimes really difficult to have a dog in the life we have – I never regretted it. 

I think it’s very important to be realistic about it when you choose to have a dog, meaning you have to find a dog whos needs will be matching your life. For us, it wouldn’t be fair having a dog who needs lots of outdoor activity and space, when we have a busy life and live in an apartment.
For me, it was also important that I easily could take him with me in the flight cabin when I travel. My heart couldn’t bare if I had to let him go in the cargo hold.

Here are some of the most frequent questions I got regarding the little cutie-pie:


What breed is Alfred?

Alfred is a Coton de Tulear, which means “cotton dog.” I can not recommend this race enough!! Their mindset and temper are so positive and friendly. They are easy to learn and adapts easily to the family’s daily life. Of course, this might not be the occasion always, and of course, the personalities differ, but all the dogs I know from this breed is very like Alfred.
His fluffy fur sure feels like cotton and is very soft. If we didn’t cut his hair, it would grow all long and some like this look. Personally, I like him with a fresh semi short haircut, and it’s also easier to keep.


Why did you choose this breed?

We choose this breed after we investigated all the different breeds and their needs compared to our life. I can not say enough how important it is, to know everything BEFORE you choose to get an animal. It’s a real-life creature, and it’s your responsibility to know everything in advance and to be realistic, there’s nothing more heartbreaking than seeing pets not having a good life. Well, a bit of a leap 😉
We choose a Coton de Tulear mainly because of the three following things:

They are non-allergic dogs which means he doesn’t loose hair. 
– None of us are allergic, but we just really like the fact that we don’t have dog hair everywhere.

They usually don’t get bigger than 8 kilos.
– Most airlines have a maximum weight for dogs in the cabin on about 8 kilos.

They don’t require a lot of physic exercise.
– Having a busy life and both training a lot, we don’t have the time and energy to take him for hours to the forest and run. Also, we live in the city center and we would have to get in the car every time. 


Where did you buy him? Which dog kennel?

Might be the MOST asked question! We didn’t buy Alfred at a kennel. We bought Alfred from a family who’s dog got four puppies with another dog in the family. And this was a one-time thing, only because they wanted another dog in the family. And of course, all the papers and pedigree was on both of the parents. They had one girl that they kept, and three boys, one of them was Alfred.
We actually exchanged email with his other siblings, to send each other pictures as they grew up, but we never heard back from them. Could have been fun to see if they looked like Alfred, as some say he looks different than other Coton de Tulears.


How do you travel with Alfred?

We bring Alfred with us everytime if we go back to Denmark. If we go somewhere else, he is always at either mine or Nico’s family in Denmark.
I bring Alfred with me on the airplane in a bag like this. I tried a lot of different ones, and I can really recommend the Sherpa bag.
There are a lot (!!!) of rules when you travel with a dog, and they differ regarding which airline company you use, so it requires a lot of planning. I prefer to fly with SAS when I travel with him and their rules you can read here.


Do you wash him?

When needed. I always clean his paws quickly with a dry towel after each walk, because he is in our home and I like to keep that very clean as well. If he is a little dirty or it just rained, I wash him in the bathing tub, so he is always nice and clean. He also sleeps in our bed sometimes, so then it’s very important to me that he is all clean. I did it from the very beginning, so he is used to it and actually loves to bath 😉


Does Alfred beg for food?

No, he never does. If you drop food on the floor, he won’t even react, because he has absolutely no idea what it is! He never tried it. I was really strict about no one could give him human food right from the beginning, because I hate it myself when dogs are begging at the table and since he doesn’t know what it is – he is not missing out on anything. He gets only the best of the best goodies, but no human food 😉



How do you keep his fur soft and nice?

This must be one of the most asked questions as well! To be fair – Alfred has a really good fur himself from birth. His father actually won the best fur in Denmark, that they told us when we came to pick him up! But something that I know have a big impact, is the food you serve for your dog. If it’s full of corn and poor quality, it will affect the fur. Alfred’s food is corn-free and organic food, and I have different tastes for him, so he doesn’t get the same every day. His favorite is horse and chicken 🙂


He seems so easy, do you have any tricks?

He is an easy dog! All dogs are different, just like kids. Some are more difficult and some are easier. That said, there are still things you can do to maybe make it easier – my best tip is not to be so scared about just bringing them along! There are so many rules about how your dog in the firsts weeks shouldn’t meet too many new people, shouldn’t walk near traffic and cars and so on… Well. We got Alfred while we were living in the middle of the city center in Copenhagen, so that wasn’t really an option for us. BUT, this also made him so easy to always come with us, never scared of other people and he looooves it when we bring him with us. He can sit for hours under the table when I have lunch with my friends, and he is just so happy to come along instead of being at home alone. I even bring him to my meetings sometime!

So my best trick will be: 
– Bring him with you along from the beginning instead of putting your life on hold!
– Don’t give them human food, if you don’t want your dog to beg for your food!
– And show them as much love as they show you. Dogs are such amazing creatures, and they deserve the same happiness they give to you 🙂 

I hope this was useful and that I answered some of your questions about Alfred. I actually tried four times now, that people stopped me and asked if it was Alfred and took pictures with him haha! One time Nico was also there and she even asked if he could take the picture – that was a little funny 😉 
Let me know if there is anything else about him you want to know, otherwise I will keep on going with the Alfred spam on my Instagram since I see a lot of you guys finds it fun and cute!

Lots of love from Alfred and me


On vacation at my mom & dad’s house, he loves to go there as they have a big garden
When he was just a little puppy
His best friend in the world is Nico. I even though try in the most unfair ways with goodies – but he still love Nico the most 😉

Since there are not grandkids yet, Alfred is treated like one haha
Alfred loves polar bears, I think he thinks it’s his family 🙂
This how happy Alfred is when Nico has been away for a game in two days and comes home in the middle of the night haha

Meet me in St Petersburg & Moscow

I promised you a guide to St Petersburg and Moscow, and since I didn’t spend as much time in Moscow, I decided to put them together!


St Petersburg

This city is beyond beautiful and full of cultural features. You find so many nice buildings and monuments, and the canals running around the city are amazing. (Yes, I have a thing for canals I found out haha)
In St Petersburg, almost no one speaks english. The level of service isn’t the best I’ve experienced, and since they don’t really make an effort to understand your homemade sign language – they seem even more careless of trying to provide you with what you try to order. Anyway, that’s a shame because the food is great!


Where to stay?

Four Season, W hotel or Astoria. This is the three hotels I visited, and they were all super cool in each way. Four Season and Astoria more classy, while W is more cool and young.


Where to go out for lunch, dinner, and drinks?

I would go to Blok for lunch, which is an Italian place in the middle of the city center. Buddha bar for dinner where the vibe is really good and building up a party. For drinks, I would either advise you to go for good cocktails at the rooftop bar at the W hotel or a more clubbing vibe at 


What to do in St Petersburg?

As said, there is a lot of things to see in St Petersburg! One of my favorite places we visited visit was the Eremitage (the winter palas). You also have to take one of the canal boats and see the city from the seaside! That was outstanding! And if you wanna do some shopping, you have so many options as well. If you are looking for high-end brands like Gucci, Balmain etc. you should visit the mall DLT department store.


I didn’t spend as much time in Moscow – and that for sure was a mistake! Moscow is so much more than my expectations and you really get the “big city” vibe here. It’s modern, cool and full of life. Here are my few tips:


Where to stay?

We stayed at the Metropol hotel and the hotel itself is beautiful, but the rooms were really old and not as nice as the rest. I heard from others, that the Ritz Carlton should be great, but I didn’t had the time to visit it.

Where to go out for lunch, dinner, and drinks?

For lunch, I suggest you go to Bosco! It’s right next to the Red Square and a very cozy place. For dinner, I would definitely advise you to go to White Rabbit! You also have a Nobu there, which is my favorite Asian restaurant. 


What to do in Moscow?

Since I only had two days, I didn’t have the time to explore so much as I wished to. Also in Moscow was the only time in Russia where we got a chance to visit the boys – so instead of spending my afternoon with exploring The Red Square, Kremlin, and the Vasilii Cathedral – I had a coffee in the lobby with my husband I hadn’t used time with in a long time.
BUT, Moscow I will for sure return to someday to explore more about because it’s really an interesting city!

Overall my impression of Russia is really mixed because the cities are so different. I also shortly visited both Saransk and Samara, which are much smaller cities. I definitely think Russia is worth a visit – especially St Petersburg and Moscow!
I will be back for you one day, Moscow 😉


How I keep myself protected in the sun

sunbeds beach

My mom always made a big thing out of protecting me and my brother with SPF when I was a child. I remember how we always had to wait 15 minutes before going to the pool when we got the sunscreen on – and we HATED it 😉 Both the wait and the sticky feeling!

Getting older I continued my use of high SPF everytime I’m in the sun. I use it both to protect my skin, but also to keep wrinkles away and keep looking young.
I do still hate the greasy feeling when you put an SPF30 or SPF50 on, but I do it after all.

Last year on my honeymoon I discovered the most amazing product in suncare so far!! We stayed at the outstanding Burj Al Arab in Dubai and running out of sunscreen, I visited their pool shop and found COOLA. It was a spray on, but I tried a lot of those without any big success. Either they sprayed too much product or it just didn’t protect enough.
But!! This product is BEYOND amazing. It has a misty easy spray, a nice sent, 70% organic and it protects so well! Nico always gets burned in his neck, but not this time.

I bought a stack with me home, because I never saw it in Denmark before. Luckily it’s now available in a lot of stores like Matas, but also online!
My favorite sents are Tropical Coconut and Guava Mango. They also have unscented if you don’t want to have any sent at all, but I recommend you to try them – they are dreamy!
Sunscreen shouldn’t be a sticky and annoying thing you have to do, but a moisturizing and fresh experience.




Enjoy your time in the sun and remember to protect yourself with SPF to stay healthy and young 😉

Sunny vibes


This blogpost was made in collaboration with COOLA.

Meet me in RUSSIA

As you might notice, the Football World Cup is on 😉 And Denmark qualified in November last year when they won against Ireland! It’s of course really a big thing, and I’m very proud on Nico and Denmark’s behalf.
They are playing three playoff games right now, and hopefully they will get enough points to go further to the 1/8 finals!

For me, it also meant a new experience – GOING TO RUSSIA!! I love to discover new places and going to Russia now with this as the primary purpose is simply outstanding and exiting!

The games are in Saransk, Samara and Moscow. For the first game in Saransk one week ago, I arrived in the morning and left late in the night after the game back to Denmark.
The second one was in Samara and between this game and the last one, I decided to stay and explore Russia a bit! After the game in Samara, I flew to St Petersburg, and that’s where I am at the moment! Tomorrow I will go to Moscow.

Here are a few snaps from my time in St Petersburg, a city I fell completely in love with. In the coming next days, I’m going to do a blog post and city guide only about St Petersburg!


St Petersburg view
Beautiful streets of St Petersburg
Stadion Samara
The incredible stadion in Samara
Theresa and Nicolai Jørgensen
I miss this cute face so much!
Girls out for dinner in St Petersburg
Out for dinner in St Petersburg
Theresa Kofoed Jørgensen museum St Petersburg
Being cultural also, of course 😉
Me and Maria enjojying the sun and the beautiful view of St Petersburg on a canal boat and Maria enjojying the sun and the beautiful view of St Petersburg on a canal boat
Me and Maria enjoying the sun and the beautiful view of St Petersburg on a canal boat.

Stay tuned for more Russia updates and don’t forget to watch my TV programme on TV2 Zulu or TV2 Play right here.


xx from Russia with love


The struggle for me always when I try to be healthy is the snacking. I love to snack. Especially in the evening! And sometimes you should just snack that unhealthy stuff you feel like because otherwise, it just becomes too boring to be alive 😉

But I found some snacks that are so tasty, but actually really healthy! My favorite snack is popcorn, I looove to eat popcorn when I watch series or a movie.

But the popcorn you make in the microwave is nothing close to healthy. Actually really bad in both calories and even poison in the packing.

So the way I make popcorn is this simple and easy way:

I take a spoon of coconut oil into a pot and let it heat a little and melt, so it covers the whole bottom. Then I pour in some organic corn and put on a lid. Now you have to shake it around every 30 seconds and soon you will start to hear the nice sound of your popcorn popping!

When they are done, you can salt them as you want, and here you have a super tasty healthy snack to enjoy! I eat this especially during the night and to be honest I think I eat it 3-4 times a week 😉 Let me know if you liked it!

healthy snack popcorn

If you keep snacking too much unhealthy stuff (I do that in periods a lot), just make sure you get your workout and some cardio done!  Then your guilty pleasures will feel less guilty 😉
Check out my post about how I get my cardio done here!

Enjoy your popcorns and remember it’s all about the balance 😉

Meet me in Monaco

Two weeks ago I was in lovely Monaco for 4 days with my love. We wanted to do a short getaway and we changed the destination I think 10 times haha 😉 The weather was so unpredictable and kept changing. But. We ended up going to Monaco and crossed our fingers for some good weather!

When we arrived it rained for 15 minutes and after that the weather was perfect!! Not too hot and not too cold.
We enjoyed some amazing dinners, dæid some shopping, beach clubbing and just CHILLED together.  I think Monaco is perfect for 3-4 days if you have more it will be too long time. Another great thing about Monaco is that you can walk almost everywhere because everything is in short distance!
Our amazing hotel had the coolest little moke that we used whenever the diva (Nico!! Not me) didn’t want to walk 😉

nicolai theresa kofoed jørgensen monaco

The Metropole hotel is located in the heart of Monaco. It’s such a beautiful hotel and they have the cutest little garden in front of the hotel!

theresa kofoed jørgensen monaco

nicolai and theresa kofoed jørgensen

On top of the Fairmont Hotel is where the beach club Nikki Beach is located. We went there twice for lunch because I looove to lunch at beach clubs. I just think the combination of sun, swimming, good food and vibing music goes really good together!

theresa kofoed jørgensen monaco

When it comes to dinner spots, Monaco offers so many possibilities. Some of my favorite places are:

Sass Café
Turns into a party and the vibe is really nice for a night out!

sass cafe monaco

My favorite Japanese cuisine restaurant is Nobu. The restaurants are located around the world, but the one in Monaco is beyond amazing. You can sit right next to the water and it’s so romantic. We actually ate there for two nights haha 😉 But look at this view!

nobu view night

nobu salad

This is the baby spinach salad with shrimps, so yummy!!

My favorite Italian restaurant. I cannot tell you have much I crave their pasta on a daily basis. It’s Italian when its best and the service is amazing.

monaco cipriani

Buddha Bar
This restaurant is inspired by the Garnier Opera House in Paris (also the inspiration for the Monte Carlo Opera), with a subtle mixture of gilded moldings, ancient sculptures, and a colonial Asian setting. It’s the prettiest Buddha bar in the world according to me, I mean… LOOK at this!

monaco buddha bar

This French cuisine is located next to the Metropole hotel. This place is also perfect if you are searching for good food and a vibe that builds up a party!

monaco bagatelle

If you are feeling lucky, maybe you should visit the old famous casino;

Casino de Monte Carlo. It’s the most spectacular building in Monaco, both inside and outside.

monaco casino

Monaco is great for shopping – you have EVERYTHING there! From H&M and Zara to every expensive brand. If you are up for shopping designer items, you have to visit The Pavilions. I found some Balenciaga sneakers I’ve been looking for and I must say – they are SO comfy to walk in! I can highly recommend 😉

theresa kofoed jørgensen balenciaga

Besides eating enormous amounts of outstanding food, we also took some time to just chill at the pool and play some card games.
I made sure to protect my skin with my favorite suncare brand Coola. I think it’s so important to use a good SPF, and it’s a big lie that you don’t get tanned if you use an SPF30. I always did and always will do.
So make sure to take good care of your skin, so it will be forever young and healthy 😉

suncare legs

I hope you liked my Monaco tips and will have the best time there if you visit! I love being in Monaco and I will for sure be back in the future.

Au revoir!